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Performing Arts

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  • Sayleem (43W/Auburn, AL)


    I love the Arts!! How about you? What do you think about a 3D Sidewalk Art Show? You haven't lived until you look down at your feet and suddenly jump backwards for fear of falling off a sidewalk cliff!! Come on now, live  more>>

  • MylaRuby (28W/Los Angeles, CA)


    I think two dates in one would be great. Your choice and mine. I'm incredibly easy-going and make the most of every situation so I'm pretty much O.K. with everything except outdoorsy/extreme sports (skydiving, rock climb  more>>

  • roselyaalves (51W/Hollywood, FL)


    Dinner over a grass of vine or at your suggestion...

  • HoneyNGold (25W/Hollywood, FL)


    Maybe go to a play, or a museum, the planetarium....

  • lia0122 (34W/Atlanta, GA)


    I love to laugh, and music always makes me happy. I like fun dates. I love to see people "in action", doing what they are passionate about. Ideally we enjoy the same things or are open-minded to discover what the other p  more>>

  • annastasia25 (25W/Port-of-spain)


    a play at queens hall then maybe a walk on the board walk in chagaramas talking about us. Goals aspirations,tell jokes just normal date stuff

  • mku086 (24W/Costa Mesa, CA)


    Since I'd love to get to know you a bit better, I'd love for you to surprise me and show me the type of person you are.

  • IMPeiSaurus (31M/Manchester, CT)


    In my opinion would start with a nice opera or musical. Then we would stroll through the park and find a local spot for drinks.

  • Jackietheartnerd (19W/Tyler, TX)


    Id love to be taken to a nice dinner and then go see a Ballet or go to a gallery.

  • QueenofArt (49W/Pinole, CA)


    Theatre, a gallery, or museum.. Then meeting of the minds over a nice dinner ...

  • JossBee (29W/Coeur D Alene, ID)


    I would rather go see a Broadway show or ballet than sit in a movie theater 95% of the time. The only time I like to go to the theater is when the transformer movies come out or anything put out by Marvel. Art shows, poe  more>>

  • doublebassgirl (32W/Richmond, TX)


    Live music is always wonderful.

  • phatti2x4 (27W/Tampa, FL)


    Would be wonderful to have a great dinner (steak?) and then see a captivating musical performance with great company...

  • Pulchritudeness (62W/Houston, TX)


    Old souls last forever so never fear good by. Meet you in the next world and don't be late.

  • nickie84 (30W/Crosby, TX)


    Having a quiet romantic dinner then going to the theatre.