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  • mathewgodyy ( 24M / Tanzania, United Republic of )


    my first idea is to look for some one will be my

  • Oral_dream ( 21W / Lansdowne, PA )


    The first date, I feel, should be based upon our similar interest. If we both enjoy classical music or art, we should attend an event relevant to it. I enjoy going to museums so hopefully you do as well.

  • Surfssupryin ( 22W / Baton Rouge, LA )


    My date ideas are always a bit on the weird side and unusual! I love to do things that you wouldn't normally do on the first date. Stepping out the box to break the ice and have a good time

  • ShellshellW ( 35W / Chester, VA )


    I would love a quiet walk under the stars Dinner &&drinks

  • nneedofu ( 27M / Raymond, MS )


    I would love to do things simple on the first dinner movie and a simple walk on a beach or in a well lite park followed by a night of rexlaxing and talking

  • forJPGonly ( 52M / Grapevine, TX )


    A walk on the trails and viewing the exhibits. Talking and reconnecting.

  • Lholie34 ( 34W / Daysland, AB )


    Will keep it simple. Walk in the Park or by the River/Lake and share Values & Principles.

  • poeticlover ( 35M / Magnolia, MS )


    Go catch a movie have dinner take walk in the park to get to know each other better

  • Latina_N_La ( 43W / Hammond, LA )


    Any place where we can get to know each other.

  • Sarah2513 ( 35W / Netherlands )


    I'd love to hear your ideas on art.

  • Bobbie1992xx ( 35W / London, England - London )


    I guess we could go anywhere ...... I really depends on who I'm with not necessarily where we go x

  • GardenGrl ( 18W / Kelso, WA )


    Take me to an art museum and show me your favorite piece

  • prevanr ( 52W / Dravosburg, PA )


    Meet you at the museums, and appreciate the displays while getting to know each other...then stop to enjoy food and drinks!

  • Trawls ( 44W / Winterville, GA )


    Candles and a simple walk on the beach

  • Cassiopea66 ( 35W / Italy )


    Tu sei in Italia per una vacanza