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  • Loulou1990 ( 25W / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )


    Anything spontaneous or cocktails.

  • _Daisy_ ( 48W / Nashville, TN )


    Meet for a picnic, on a crisp Autumn day, and share a meal of honey garlic steak, vegetable couscous, cherry chicken salad with a nice artisan bread, fruit tarts and my delicious salted caramels that I prepared just for  more>>

  • clauzella ( 19W / Memphis, TN )


    Goo out on the beach in eat out there. Then I can feed him in he can feed mee.

  • sodagirl81 ( 33W / Mesquite, TX )


    Anywhere we can meet to meet each other and see if we have a connection

  • Happiness2071 ( 51W / Washington, NH )


    Somewhere nice, you choose. I will trust you to put some thought into this.

  • briely ( 69W / San Tan Valley, AZ )


    My first date would be, to have lunch at a Red Robin Restaurant, anywhere we agree to meet. And, after lunch, take a nice walk. If possible, I would like us to meet in Phoenix, AZ.

  • richie2041 ( 50M / Merrickville, ON )


    Somewhere quiet. A picnic on the beach.

  • Loulou03 ( 57W / New Smyrna Beach, FL )


    Lunch , drinks , anywhere we can talk and get to know each other .

  • AllieVB ( 50W / Altadena, CA )


    For a first date, anywhere with a nice atmosphere where we can talk is fine with me.

  • mrlovejoy ( 70M / Matlock, England - Derbyshire )


    Take our time over a glass of wine before we order food, to have time to get to know each other a little and ask those million or so questions that we have!

  • brnidgrl1 ( 44W / Sacramento, CA )


    I would prefer casual at first like meeting for a cup of coffee, or glass of wine. followed by a walk on the beach, if things went well.

  • snow_whitex ( 19W / Pensacola, FL )


    A nice meal outside in the beautiful weather, talking and laughing, getting to know eachother, walking around downtown together looking at the art, enjoying ourselves.

  • Marsusy ( 38W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    I don´t say "a date", I will say, "first meet", and both decide: what would we like to do.

  • Princess0072004 ( 48W / Atlanta, GA )


    Lunch to start out with. Then if the date gets an A. Dinner date will follow.

  • beachgirl2070 ( 42W / Waupaca, WI )


    Lunch or dinner would be great so we can get to know one another better. I guess casual would be fine. See if the chemistry is there between us and we can carry on a great conversation and have a nice time.