First Date Ideas

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  • kawaiikaba ( 24 / W / Jacksonville, NC )

    a live jazz lounge sounds beautifully amazing <3 with some eats at a restaurant to go with the live performance

  • gsquared12 ( 55 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    a place where we can talk and listen to a little live music and enjoy the ambiance and food

  • SujataDm ( 39 / W / Chicago, IL )

    For me, a first date is different from a first meeting. First date must be well prepared to show me that you are serious about it & is also could tell me who you are. First meeting can be relaxing, where we may be able t...  read more >>

  • SeptemberGirl18 ( 51 / W / Semans, SK )

    Music is so good for the soul. It would be a great way to get to know one another, and to have a significant memory made together to talk about and to regard with warmth for years to come. Doesn't have to be an expensive...  read more >>

  • SunSalute ( 38 / W / Irvine, CA )

    I prefer meeting in the friendly, fun and relaxed environment like an event of some sort...

  • Thilar07 ( 56 / W / New York, NY )

    You must like music.

  • zschell ( 50 / W / Upper Marlboro, MD )

    A lovely outdoor music concert with a picnic and wine.

  • candikanes ( 38 / W / Hurley, WI )

    A concert, maybe a football game or a festival.

  • treasuretheone ( 55 / W / Crockett, CA )

    Love any type of music venue.

  • charmaine01 ( 53 / W / Carshalton, England - London )

    Something fun with dancing at the end or a tour of arts or concert with dinner.

  • MetalGuy2016 ( 51 / M / Manchester, NH )

    We would agree to a show we both like. Then go to the show and party. Then we could go home and chill. but dates are as varied as people are so whatever works!

  • Modlischka2016 ( 33 / W / Gliwice, Slaskie )

    Would you like to take a break for a live concert of Imany or other wonderful blues or reggae artist?

  • wanderlust16 ( 49 / W / Carlsbad, CA )

    Love outdoor concerts...always good to have great music, a nice relaxing evening under the stars. And/or....have been wanting a boat ride...anywhere

  • StarryNight1231 ( 67 / M / Sandpoint, ID )

    I think there are a lot of possibilies for a fun first date. A traditional dinner and movie, maybe a concert. Maybe hiking or a scenic drive. I don't know, maybe something crazy like helicopter skiing on the first date...  read more >>

  • eric100b ( 56 / M / Bodmin, England - Cornwall )

    Something we will both remember! Not every ones ideal date but I am not every one!