First Date Ideas

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  • TashaMack81 ( 35 / W / Red Oak, TX )

    Stand up comedy and maybe dinner

  • fairangel ( 50 / W / Lidingö, Stockholms Lan )

    Oh..that really doesnt matter since all ideas can be good with the right person.

  • Goldenanak ( 42 / W / Cibolo, TX )

    Its about chemistry and good conversation prior to the first date. After that everything should be a breeze. If you keep it real and your profile is real you shouldn't have an issue on the first date. It will be a walk i...  read more>>

  • SeekingLove16 ( 34 / W / Stanhope, NJ )

    It should be something we both enjoy and I don't know you we'll see what it turns out to be.

  • everythinnice ( 54 / M / Missoula, MT )

    First meetings are best kept casual, but flexible if a good conversation develops. I suppose learning if we can talk to each other is the most important thing to find out. First dates, however, are another matter. A nice...  read more>>

  • kokokleopatra ( 19 / W / Salt Lake City, UT )

    Anything really preferable to eat or something out of the ordinary. I like to be surprised

  • WickedShimmy ( 51 / W / Plant City, FL )

    I'm up for anything that doesn't involve being featured on an episode of Forensic Files or Investigation Discovery.

  • SigmaKv ( 50 / W / Gainesville, FL )

    Meet for coffee/tea, conversation

  • Majaike ( 50 / W / Alhambra, CA )

    Eating in the dark at some place that was established. I ve always been curious about that. Places where one could laugh a lot, such as carnival rides, car racing, sky diving, para sailing, dinner and movie or opera.

  • gabriellerh ( 22 / W / Irving, TX )

    I want to do something you enjoy. I am willing to trying just about anything once, so the more unique, the better.

  • Risky_Business_ ( 40 / M / Jenkintown, PA )

    Could be anything -- a good restaurant, a night out to hit the dance floor -- you’re utterly wooed by my charm… and we’re both looking forward to the next date.

  • FliesThruClouds ( 32 / M / Scottsdale, AZ )

    We’ll fly private to a sun-baked beach. Take turns putting our heads in the mouths of alligators, enjoy fresh coconut water, and threaten 3-star restaurants with bad Yelp reviews until they do our bidding. Muhaha! Or...  read more>>

  • AmbitiousKing ( 38 / M / Lincoln, DE )

    I am spontaneous and just about anything will be fine with me. I really love to explore my partners interest. So I am fine with doing something that suits you, or coming up with something that we both like. If it is left...  read more>>

  • Natalie646 ( 26 / W / Orange, NJ )

    Something fun but go with the flow something we can both have a good time doing, anything from dinner to mini golf to karaoke to motorcycle rides to rock climbing, I like to be active but as long as we are both having a...  read more>>

  • Julz369 ( 47 / W / Australia )

    Some where we are both comfortable and something we are both comfortable doing