First Date Ideas

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  • fhatcher ( 37 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    The first date should be fun. I do not believe the first date should be romantic. I would love to go bowling, to a basketball game, play darts, pool, art museum, concert, etc. I do not feel we should go on a romantic dat  more>>

  • DrivenByPassion_ ( 50 / M / Sarasota, FL )

    We fly to Costa Rica and explore the jungle. We find a hidden beach, and pick fresh coconuts. Playing and splashing in the water, we come back as the sun sets and get massages, followed by a candlelit dinner… That, or  more>>

  • AlohaWahine ( 49 / W / Honolulu, HI )

    Wherever we can find mutual grounds for "us" time. Let's get to know one another so that we can figure out "yay" or "nay"

  • ChefRemy ( 34 / W / Grosse Pointe, MI )

    Spare me the generic 'dinner and a movie' scenario. A first date? You feel like you're on an interview. I'll get indigestion, won't eat, and the movie bit? Oh, yeah, first time meeting someone and then you sit for 2 hour  more>>

  • Kaiwai ( 37 / W / Novato, CA )

    I'm quite happy with the plans, just remember that I'm a simple island girl.

  • naples7 ( 55 / W / Naples, FL )

    A picnic on the beach at sunset

  • KyraMarie ( 31 / W / Dallas, TX )

    I like a variety of things. Somewhere we can talk and get to know each other without a lot of distractions. If day time a picnic and then coffee maybe. If evening then a nice, quiet dinner followed by a walk (if not too  more>>

  • cagirl3 ( 39 / W / San Luis Obispo, CA )

    Baseball or basketball game is my favorite first date. Or show me your job, you can learn a lot about someone based on how they are at work.

  • SkiBunny44 ( 30 / W / Englewood, CO )

    Traditional dinner. Low key coffee. Fun adventures. I'm up for many things, tell me your idea!

  • Possumpie27 ( 45 / W / Crestmead, Queensland )

    Anywhere where we would both be comfortable. A stroll along the beach, a cafe over a nice cappuccino, even a nice beer garden somewhere over one or two drinks but it must be a public place.

  • OpenCareBear ( 53 / W / Austin, TX )

    First date should be a meeting for lunch or possibly happy hour and appetizers, and I think it's a real turn on for a man to make the plans and surprise me! I am looking for my life partner, a little old fashion and feel  more>>

  • Montblancherie ( 53 / W / Richmond, IN )

    For a first date, i like surprises and can have fun doing many things. Exercise your creativity and i'm sure i'll love it.

  • WineAndWaves_ ( 37 / M / Washington, DC )

    Let’s pack our bags and head to Uruguay’s Punta del Este. We’ll spend our days on the beach and evenings at a crab shack having fresh-caught fish and ice cold beers. When we finally return to civilization, you’ll  more>>

  • LAlovelife ( 33 / W / Van Nuys, CA )

    A lovely meal, a preforming arts show (such as Cirque du Soleil), an interesting cultural event, a spa day, or even something active like paddle-boarding! The point is to experience an adventurous life together, full of  more>>

  • OliviaLee23 ( 33 / W / Baldwin, NY )

    Anything where we can get to know each other & enjoy one anothers company. Anything can be fun once your in good company.