First Date Ideas

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  • Esmeraldarose ( 25 / W / Oslo, Oslo )

    I would love to go out on a dinner, with candles and live music. I think it is nice sit down, and be able to have a good talk, getting to know each other. And maybe a walk in a beautiful park:)

  • LJK308 ( 43 / W / Chester, England - Cheshire )

    Dinner with complementary wine, good conversation and a sparkle in the eyes.

  • CaramelCuttie ( 31 / W / Devon, PA )

    A good first date for me is dinner in an upscale resturant where we can talk and get to know each other better.

  • Southerngirl979 ( 44 / W / Houston, TX )

    A quiet restaurant where we can get to know each other- near the water would be ideal.

  • Naturalrealwoman ( 51 / W / Holyoke, MA )

    We should meet in a very nice romantic and good restaurant. We should guess what each other would like to eat. There should be soft music playing in the background so we can hear each other talk to each other and get to...  read more>>

  • MasterMuse ( 23 / W / Woodland Hills, CA )

    French dinner

  • Agent_888 ( 33 / W / Pretoria, Gauteng )

    Well I do appreciate some fine dining, glass of good red wine and stimulating conversation in order to get to know each other better might be a great start and no, no coffee afterwards at my place. I am a lady

  • Angeiii ( 49 / W / Vancouver, WA )

    Cozy lunch or dinner, and drinks

  • BruceGeorge ( 57 / M / Prior Lake, MN )

    I would meet for a drink or dinner to see if we are compatible and take it from there.

  • Nocturniquette ( 27 / W / Curryville, MO )

    This might sound a little bit cliche, (okay it really is cliche), but I've always dreamed of a small romantic candelight dinner for two and then a lovely walk upon the beach under the moonlight.

  • MegumiO ( 42 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    We meet at a restaurant.

  • franco23 ( 24 / M / New York, NY )

    A nice dinner

  • Bradley_ ( 38 / M / Acton, CA )

    Hang out in Santa Monica, there are plenty of good place to eat, drink, and the ocean air always feels great. If the connection is going well, there are plenty of public places to walk around take in the scenery and find...  read more>>

  • kepsyMoe ( 29 / M / Australia )

    How about we have a candlelight dinner and then take a nice walk on the beach.

  • SAMLUCIANO ( 50 / M / Anaheim, CA )

    a cozy place to talk.