First Date Ideas

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  • chocomel34 ( 34 / W / Singapore )

    If you enjoy gourmet dining like I do, then let's try the world class restaurants Singapore can offer. I Love the 5 course meals where we can sit chat and appreciate good food.

  • esme4g ( 42 / W / Oxnard, CA )

    Have some nice dinner, I love Sushi a lot, and walk at the beach.

  • guyofvalor ( 34 / M / Bethesda, MD )

    Dinner, my treat, at a nice restaurant, for the right lady.Let's have a lovely evening together, and see where it goes. Maybe we can do it again if it goes well. Dinner is just the beginning.

  • cocog80 ( 37 / W / San Antonio, TX )

    An intimate dinner where we can talk away and get to know each other

  • Kel321 ( 37 / W / Canyon, TX )

    Dinner and a glass or 2 of wine/drinks. Lighten the mood a little and go from there

  • skigolfnyc ( 65 / M / Montclair, NJ )

    dinner in NYC

  • PhoenixNicole77 ( 40 / W / Roswell, GA )

    Nice Dinner and getting to know the basics about you. See where it goes from there. I am spontaneous!!!

  • FoodieMD ( 43 / M / Irvine, CA )

    I would find out what my date's favorite food is, and find a nice restaurant that does that cuisine/dish very well.

  • vivek1744 ( 23 / M / Cambridge, MA )

    A weekend in Paris ending with dinner overlooking the Sorbonne

  • HuggyD ( 46 / M / Rockville, MD )

    Drinks and/or dinner

  • LovelyLady0985 ( 31 / W / Ashcroft, BC )

    I like meat, medium rare steak and potatoes. not apposed to some Italian such as spaghetti or seafood. crab is a rare treat. and a movie then perhaps a walk or star gazing.

  • lycheemartini5 ( 51 / W / Toronto, ON )

    Drinks + Apps ? Lunch ? I'm really not fussy, open to suggestions It'll probably last for hours and then we do the same thing all over again the next day :)

  • Ckleinbrook ( 56 / M / Highland, MI )

    I pick you up, you walk with me to your nearest diner, we share the time together with eyes fixed. You share you and I share me. We know it is a fit!

  • elcasa ( 54 / W / Beverly Hills, CA )

    Being that I'm a hopeful romantic I adore fine dining by the ocean just as the sunset sets because this time of day is utterly magical. Water seems to relax most people and watching waves gently swirling around can relea...  read more>>

  • de_lilaaa ( 37 / W / Istanbul )

    A dinner where we can have quality time, giving each other enough time, space and comfort. If we both would like to, the next day we meet inthe afternoon, grab a coffee, a walk by the beach, and a quick stop at my favour...  read more>>