Fun Date Ideas

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  • Marketpros ( 58 / W / Panama City, FL )

    Somewhere you can hear yourself talk and no one else can hear you

  • nel1986 ( 31 / W / Cotia, Sao Paulo )

    Dinner at the Nanai Resort, facing the sea with music, wine and candles.

  • Marvelous12 ( 48 / W / Orlando, FL )

    My First date idea is to meet for dinner, enjoy each other's company, talk and get to know each other

  • Claudette_Anders ( 51 / W / Raleigh, NC )

    As a woman, I have to have a sense of safety when meeting someone. I will want to chat for a little bit and start to feel comfortable. I love good food whether it is in a fancy restaurant of a dive. I think that the firs...  read more >>

  • ChristaHavana ( 49 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    So many fun first dates from dinner in any beautiful city to horseback riding in mountains at on Blue Ridge is the limit!

  • TiaGem ( 50 / W / Windsor, CT )

    Café, brunch, dinner.

  • Miriamt777 ( 40 / W / Santa Maria, CA )

    How about candlelights diner, wine, laugh, good conversation. And then little walk. other idea its. have fun at any sport, eat, ride horse or bicycle.

  • Blythe56 ( 56 / W / Vancouver, WA )

    I think a wonderful dinner is a nice place to talk and get to know someone.

  • Serious4U ( 68 / W / Statesboro, GA )

    A slow walk on a pretty day with sincere conversation shared along with smiles and laughs. Then maybe a glass of wine in front of a fire. I thoroughly enjoy a fire when its cold out. But its not so much "what"...  read more >>

  • BeatriceC ( 34 / W / Singapore )

    A beautiful comfortable place that is cozy and romantic, surrounded by a natural setting.

  • June41 ( 41 / W / West Palm Beach, FL )

    Dinner and possibly somewhere we can sit and talk quietly

  • baseballtrader ( 49 / M / Charlotte, NC )

    Somewhere nice and cosy with good food where we can talk and get to know each other

  • Southerhospitali ( 44 / M / Long Beach, CA )

    Someplace nice to share appetizers and Cocktails along with great conversation and lots of laughter. This is truly the only way to see if there is undeniable chemistry and connection.

  • BlondLovelyLady ( 38 / W / Camarillo, CA )

    I would love a romantic dinner... Mixed with a great conversation, chemistry and laughter.

  • Catieh10 ( 29 / W / Hollywood, FL )

    Anywhere that we can hear ourselfs speak and drink wine.