First Date Ideas

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  • BelleRoseBeauty ( 38 / W / Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire )

    Surprise me! x ;P

  • Beverlybrat ( 65 / W / San Luis Obispo, CA )

    somewhere very casual, just being ourselves, no expectations just a kick back time, maybe music playing we can dance have a cocktail.

  • bloboater67 ( 67 / M / Greenville, SC )

    Excitement, where when not so important, good conversation would answer this question

  • yollydoma1953 ( 62 / W / Miami, FL )

    Whatever we both fill comfortable with. "Specially me" ja, ja, ja

  • CHAMPAGNE12 ( 44 / W / Tacoma, WA )

    I am open to new ideas. I would like for you to plan our date. Make it original.

  • Luvmemost ( 42 / W / Spring Hill, FL )

    A quiet place, just you and I where we can get to know each other, laugh nervously, and see our chemistry.

  • LiveLaughLove113 ( 39 / W / Orlando, FL )

    You decide...Tired of steering the ship, so I will give you the wheel...for now. ;) I like a man who knows where to go and how to get there. I am actually quite old fashioned and appreciate chivalry immensely. A first da...  read more>>

  • Ocean_in_flames ( 21 / W / Zagreb, Grad Zagreb )

    A date should be based on a bonding, sparking conversation that would leave an aftertaste. It doesn't really matter if it's spiced with a dinner in a luxurious restaurant, a sightseeing or a swim in the ocean in our clot...  read more>>

  • babiryre ( 41 / W / mogan, Canarias )

    My first date idea can be just anything. Start with cofee

  • kennethray ( 32 / M / Las Vegas, NV )

    I would love to either go out dancing at a nightclub with you and my wife. Or, just walk the strip and people watch together, have conversation, get to know each other.

  • daddieslildevil ( 39 / W / Australia )

    A Gentleman would have enquired as to the ladies likings and made an executive decision based on his research to ensure what he is looking for matches equally to the ladies and prior planning and preparation make for an...  read more>>

  • spagirl2016 ( 38 / W / New York, NY )

    It's can be any place most important that we click have fun and a lot of laugh together .

  • Happyspiritdmann ( 53 / M / San Jose, CA )

    We can go for dinner at a whole in wall restaurant or Visit a tourist hot spot in our town that neither of us has been to before just to have some good time

  • Sweatpea42 ( 53 / W / Ellijay, GA )

    My ideas. Nice dinner, then see what lead us to, you never know what might happen.

  • Ladycreamtea ( 22 / W / Brierley Hill, England - West Midlands )

    It would be nice to go to a public place to have a coffee or a meal together. But someone who is creative with the first date is also rather exciting!