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Dates that make a difference

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  • moonglory56 ( 57M / Brisbane, Australian Capital Territory )


    Cozy garden and a bucket of champagne.

  • TinksQ ( 31W / Petersfield, England - Hampshire )


    Something that is out of the ordinary and thought about now the usually a just go for a drink and dinner, a thoughtful date

  • Kat00777 ( 30W / Costa Mesa, CA )


    Before we meet we should build a connection over a phone and text. I wouldlike to avoid awkward dates.

  • Feexxx ( 45W / Burnley, England - Lancashire )


    I think both should decide on first date. Needs to be a special day and one to reflect on.

  • Sophieva ( 26W / London, England - London )


    When your chemistry its changing and all your body it's full whit adrenaline and all that's just because 2 eyes looked at you in a way that is.impossible to describe...No matters where you are because everything it's sto  more>>

  • unYOUsual ( 34W / Moscow, CA )


    A flight to Moscow or any other city on the map of the world...

  • ABlondMoment ( 48W / Sarasota, FL )


    A date you wish never ended no matter what you were doing!

  • MisssB ( 23W / Gold Coast, Australian Capital Territory )


    I like to keep it simple and casual, no expectations just would like to meet someone who is up for a good laugh.

  • LovLeeGem ( 55W / Burbank, CA )


    Conversations with exchanging smiles and laughs

  • SBlake35 ( 39W / Naples, FL )


    A beach close to sunset time, blanket, a bottle of wine to share, small and simple tapas and some great music.

  • 2wolvesinaman ( 56M / Coquitlam, BC )


    Id like to go to to a lake around sunset and sit on the tailgate of my truck and learn about each other over a picnic dinner that i would make and just relax And look at the scenery

  • Rajat143 ( 20M / India )


    First date???? its up to you how you plan it but it should be romantic ;)

  • FrenchinOrlando ( 27M / Orlando, FL )


    I don't really have a date idea. Anything can be fun, as long I am in a good company.

  • classylady48 ( 48W / Oklahoma City, OK )


    I love surprises....A great first date for me would be a romantic surprise! I know I will enjoy what you decide to set up for our first date!

  • Teddychocolate89 ( 25W / Aurora, CO )


    Only if its just us me in you are the focus