First Date Ideas

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  • JustJulz ( 53 / W / Glen Rose, TX )

    I would much rather know what your idea of a first date would be. You know us ladies, we want you to suggest a place so we can say we'd rather not. LOL Kidding....c'mon, hit me with your best, most unique idea of a perfe...  read more >>

  • Lailai80 ( 36 / W / West End, NC )

    Its been so long I have no idea!

  • nackison ( 56 / W / Castleton, ON )

    For a first date I think that going out for dinner or a drink and talking and getting to know each other

  • DocS11 ( 54 / W / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    I feel that a first date should be special, probably a quiet place where we would be able to talk, laugh and get to know each other better to see if there is an attraction.

  • Nonlocality ( 71 / M / Miami Beach, FL )

    I'd like To begin our appetizer with conversation about each of our relationship/attraction meta theory's that were steaming in our brains prior to our first encounter. I firmly believe we are attracted to whom we are at...  read more >>

  • HRoop1 ( 59 / M / Tupelo, MS )

    I am very simple and easy. I am fine to just meet at Starbucks for coffee, spend the day together, have lunch somewhere, enjoy the afternoon (example: hanging out, listening to live music on Beale Street at BB Kings, enj...  read more >>

  • MEMEu2 ( 46 / M / Brisbane, Queensland )

    Drive through the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, stop at a market, pick up some food for a picnic, find a nice spot for the picnic blanket. Eat some fine local food, chat and laugh for a little while taking in a bit of Mothe...  read more >>

  • Karmapur ( 38 / W / Miami, FL )

    Walk at the beach Stand up paddling Wine tasting event Bike ride

  • Sweetstace7 ( 33 / W / Adelaide, South Australia )

    How about we have a coffe then a walk along the beach, if we click then how about the next night fine dining then some dancing?

  • StarHearted ( 33 / W / Elizabethtown, PA )

    I would want a date that leaves an impression on me and a memory that will last. I'm open to any type of date, but make it fun and exciting.

  • Rare47lady ( 46 / W / Russell, ON )

    It can range from the cliche, conversation over coffee, to church events, joining me in dog rescue voluntary, mission maybe, and not the scripted and planned 'dates' !

  • MichiganGirl112 ( 51 / W / Gainesville, FL )

    I'm a low-maintenance kind of girl... coffee or a drink to see if we enjoy sharing air and have chemistry, to start. Volunteering, active group outings with good friends; anything on the water; networking or a community...  read more >>

  • KatherineMarie1 ( 56 / W / Port Aransas, TX )

    After Chatting on Google + Hangouts to see if there is a Possibility of a Developing Friendship. An Immersion Date of a Three Day Weekend to see if there is a Romance that could begin. Of course, separate Sleeping Quarte...  read more >>

  • milan4you ( 70 / M / Tehachapi, CA )

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  • KarenMcCabe ( 49 / W / Cambridge Springs, PA )

    The typical dinner and a movie are fine but much better to get to know someone when you can be relaxed & chat about what brought you together in the first place.