Fun Date Ideas

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  • Sunny1973 ( 44 / W / Shenzhen, Guangdong )

    I would love to dance with my lover in a quiet and elegant place. There are only us. We can hug each other and kiss each other.

  • Victoria_SA ( 39 / W / San Antonio, TX )

    Surprise me

  • HelenofTroy36 ( 37 / W / Horsham, England - Sussex )

    I like to dance so my first date idea will be into a club or pub. You can think about body language if music is too loud.

  • DedeAllure ( 50 / W / North Reading, MA )

    I would enjoy a night of good genuine couples conversation. Getting to know someone while sipping a nice glass of wine then slow dancing is a great start to the beginning a new friendship / romance

  • Doudoune ( 46 / W / Bridgeport, CT )

    I like to dance. My idea of a first date is going out dancing. It is perfect; it takes away from asking/answering questions. That time is better suited for the next date or a later date; a date when my friend/match and I...  read more >>

  • Faith_Family_Art ( 28 / W / Minneapolis, MN )

    I enjoy being active! I'm down to try anything new as long as you reach out with a plan. Extra points if you give me a reason to get dressed up!

  • mmassaro ( 66 / W / Guilford, CT )

    Coffee shops are too noisy. Perhaps, a walk along the shore or a cocktail in a quiet place if dancing is not my date's wish.

  • sincerely1025 ( 57 / M / Tucson, AZ )

    Let's have some conversation and get to know one another. Perhaps a nice meal would be appropriate.

  • Jaguar63 ( 54 / W / Dingmans Ferry, PA )

    A flight to Paris on your private Jet for a romantic dinner. Lol Don't worry only kidding guys. That's a pretty woman date that only happens in the movies anyway. Just a nice place to sit and chat maybe a drink or coffee...  read more >>

  • lillyg29 ( 31 / W / Guelph, ON )

    i am down to earth girl so were ever the first date will be am OK with that but because were meeting on line dating site it has to be public. for a few weeks or so UN till we really get to no each other very well

  • Bandit_68 ( 49 / M / Juliette, GA )

    I've always wanted to dance in the rain. What do you think about that ? ;)

  • Imtherealslimjd ( 42 / M / Reading, England - Berkshire )

    It would be prudent to ask what you enjoy doing.!!...then find something fun and stylish ... Until then...

  • see_me2 ( 26 / W / Limbazi, Limbazu Rajons )

    I love dancing,

  • ysimms ( 43 / W / Littleton, CO )

    First dates are usually the hardest for me. The most common is dinner and drinks. I am ok with that, but I honestly prefer something more active.I love to dance, it's in my blood, but it can be a challenge for most men o...  read more >>

  • CDHollywood ( 67 / W / Hollywood, FL )

    Doesn't matter. Only matters that we connect. Of course I love to dance, but like Olivia De Havilland in "They Died With Their Boots On," she told Errol Flynn that she loved scallions when she didn't really car...  read more >>