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Culinary Adventures

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  • BigBadB_ (30W/San Antonio, TX)


    I picked culinary adventures because I love all types of food and think this would be a fun way to get to know someone.

  • lovingsoulmate (49W/Dana Point, CA)


    Some new trendy restaurant; drinks overlooking the ocean; or always the Montage; Ritz or possibly the Surf and Sand

  • Elegance21 (45W/Hyde Park, NY)


    I would like to start with a nice drink overlooking a fabulous view, then maybe move onto a nice lunch or dinner, depending if the company is good.

  • rheaboquin (31W/Thibodaux, LA)


    Something new surprising nice I want something that.i could never forget something that can spark a flame that I wish would never end

  • Einherjar (45M/Madison, NJ)


    A quiet place where the conversation flows. The food is spectacular and the wine is 12 years old. But we don't notice that because the connection is all that we can remember.

  • Mstafafixit (61W/Beverly Hills, CA)


    just deating and enjoying each others company

  • JOHNAH (28M/Roanoke, TX)


    One to remember, it will break the ice and bring the best inner self of us both to see. A true memory in time, in our minds & in our hearts.

  • mychelle_95 (19W/Culver City, CA)


    Anything from trying new foods to rock climbing as long at it is adventurous and fun!

  • Xenia85 (28W/Parma, Emilia-Romagna)


    amazing panoramic view and very important, in a good company.

  • professormumCA (39W/Ontario, CA)


    I like low-key for the initial meet-up. Happy hour at a beach bar sounds about right.

  • Blueeyes4u2014 (50W/Loveland, OH)


    Nice dinner and wine in any city. It's the person I'm with that matters most.

  • SaraLP (43W/University Park, PA)


    Soft music, private room, candles, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries.... conversation and whatever else comes up.

  • itsmebhappy (51W/Pebble Beach, CA)


    I'd love to share a dinner where we can get to know each other and not be rushed and then take a stroll along the beach and see if we connect. If we do, the night might be hard to end!!

  • Olivia20777 (34W/London, England - London)


    I would love to be surprised :*

  • samm2002 (57W/North Palm Beach, FL)


    Nice, waterfront café with unusual offerings and good place to talk, followed by a walk on the beach