First Date Ideas

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  • AussieGirl17 ( 43 / W / London, England - London )

    Take a walk then head to a relaxed pub, or meet up for cocktails at a cool bar.

  • SuchACharming1 ( 35 / W / Birmingham, AL )

    My ideal first date would be to go to a cooking class at Sur La Table to cook a great meal together, and then afterwards go grab coffee or something to continue get to knowing each other.

  • Singsongs ( 54 / W / Sydney, New South Wales )

    I am really not particular about where we go or what we eat as long as it is thoughtfully chosen. I am trying to lose weight so maybe not french cuisine as I am CRAZY for it...also not anywhere where there are amazing ca...  read more>>

  • Opium4 ( 41 / M / Brattleboro, VT )

    pastry tasting of chocolates and spices and everything nice...hah no ...first official dates are rather awkward for the both of us so i would think she would prefer some park for a stroll to keep our minds at ease talk a...  read more>>

  • bradenh ( 29 / M / Albuquerque, NM )

    I'd want to create an amazing meal completely from scratch. I like to make any type of food you can imagine. I'd love to spend time getting to know you while working as a team to see how well we can play together.

  • c_estlaguerre ( 30 / W / Waterloo, IA )

    I'm pretty adventurous! Let's try something new!

  • TimeForABreak ( 32 / W / Melbourne, Victoria )

    What do people do on first dates these days? I assume food and/or beverages is involved in some way?

  • beautyflair ( 30 / W / Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland )

    To chill out somewhere beautiful, comfortable and cosy. Having full attention for each other. Feeling the connection and energy.

  • Debibaby ( 64 / W / Crystal River, FL )

    Some place quiet enough that we can hear our self talk. I love to go out, but I also like to cook.

  • MScott33 ( 44 / M / Beverly Hills, CA )

    We can plan it togetrher

  • realtor9 ( 41 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    You decide because you're the man.

  • Jessica4040 ( 43 / W / Phoenix, AZ )

    Call me old fashion but I prefer coffee, lunch and/or dinner dates spent getting to know one another.

  • SuburbiaLauren ( 33 / W / San Diego, CA )

    The first date should be casual so that it eases nervousness. Romantic dinners will come later when those feelings are built. A great first date would be getting lunch and walking around a park with lots of people to loo...  read more>>

  • Livelearnlegacy ( 51 / W / Walnut Creek, CA )

    A nice wine pairing with a unique food selection - Asian fusion or tapas or Indian

  • AllSmrt ( 60 / W / Vancouver, BC )

    Picnic with wine or craft beer using decent sized napkins for spills, in comfortable clothes, in a peaceful place to talk and listen.