First Date Ideas

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  • Nevergamer ( 47 / W / San Diego, CA )

    just need to meet with no look at each other at a local coffee store. No obligation, no need to be stuck on a bad date if no connection.

  • MsFit_E ( 38 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    I like to keep things simple at first, coffee then perhaps dinner if the chemistry is right!

  • MVTamburini80 ( 37 / W / Hamburg, Hamburg )

    First go for a coffee with the option of extending into dinner if both feel like :-)

  • Deedee34209 ( 67 / W / Bradenton, FL )

    Coffee & conversation

  • stealth1027 ( 56 / M / Massapequa, NY )

    I think the first date is all about the woman feeling comfortable. It can be anywhere from a cafe to skydiving lol as long as she is in her comfort zone. I like listening so ......

  • LittleShine93 ( 24 / W / Aldersbach, Bayern )

    Let's go to a cafe or go for a nice meal. Yet one can talk nice and get to know each.

  • msskepticone ( 54 / W / Alexandria, VA )

    Casual-public, coffee or ice cream cone! Meet and greet and no worries if it's just not sparkly!

  • HealthyAmbition ( 43 / M / Tempe, AZ )

    It involves a tropical beach, Will Farrell, and a five-hundred-pound plate of sushi… but I won’t give away too much. ;-) That, or we can just grab coffee here locally. Your call.

  • Briexoxoxo ( 24 / W / College Station, TX )

    I think an ideal first date would be simply enjoying conversation and getting to know one another before making that 2nd date official. No need to invest too much time if we believe our expectations will not be met throu...  read more >>

  • Beate1 ( 66 / W / Perth, Western Australia )

    Meet at a public venue where we can talk uninterrupted about our values, the similarities and differences.

  • 121adventure ( 50 / M / United Kingdom )

    I would like to think that we would get on with each other. I guess it is a little daunting, but that is the nature of dating I suppose. We can both decide, but ladies first.

  • StunningUK17 ( 29 / W / Northampton, England - Northamptonshire )

    I enjoy holding a conversation and drinking a cappuccino in the same time...

  • 0ut0nTheTrail ( 37 / M / Gaithersburg, MD )

    We travel to the Greek Islands. After exploring the islands by boat, finding hidden alcoves and forgotten beaches, we enjoy a picnic dinner prepared for us by our private chef, Wolfgang Puck. Or we can just grab lattes...  read more >>

  • Bhimji ( 61 / M / Marbella, Andalucia )

    To get to know you, I would like to take you for a stroll along the promenade and stop for a glass of wine and go from there. P.s I like ice cream too.

  • KatMyo24 ( 24 / W / Cranford, NJ )

    Let's get to know one another. What are you into? Commonalities? Why don't we find out?