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Spiritual My favorite date ideas

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  • missBeka ( 36W / Naples, FL )


    My ideal first date would include food and good conversation. I love to listen but i love to talk too... and i promise to have a million questions.... O and the first date should include music too... preferably LIVE good  more>>

  • Snowlily88 ( 36W / Scottsdale, AZ )


    There is something immensely holy and sentimental about sun set and stars... It was overwhelming experience when I visited desert in India, watching stars in pitch dark. Knowing that we all were one entity once, stars an  more>>

  • WIFMTSM ( 54W / Chicago, IL )


    I think it would be a great idea to visit the zoo on a first date. Because it's a relaxed and family oriented environment. There's opportunity for unlimited conversation, intelletual/animated. Loads of fun and laughter t  more>>

  • Yoginiwoman123 ( 49W / Chatsworth, CA )


    A bottle of water and a walk on the beach, a picnic, or a hike. Something healthy.

  • ellymijou ( 32W / Gerona, Cataluna )


    Strong complicity, comfortable with sudden silence, electric shock, the heart's excitement, soul movements, desire for more, no distance, understanding, warmth, mystic gazes, poetry with unspoken words, star gazing, drea  more>>

  • tabem040671 ( 44W / Palm Beach, FL )


    Romantic candlelight dinner and sunset on the beach

  • AsianLily ( 53W / Overland Park, KS )


    Whatever works for both of us......... :-))))) .......... :-))) ............ :-))........... :-)

  • diadia ( 54M / Houston, TX )


    a day at the fair or amusement park miniature golf walking or jogging in the park

  • LoveYoga108 ( 32W / San Francisco, CA )


    I fun yet deep connection with love but free from heaviness. He is a perfect gentleman and we get to know each other. We do something fun, maybe something athletic. As a man he knows women love chocolate especially raw c  more>>

  • JuneKarin ( 61W / Chicago, IL )


    I love to talk..we can walk and talk -or at a quiet cafe or restaurant....I am trying to give up coffee so meeting for a glass of wine after work is better for me than a coffee spot. It is up to you....I am a flexible pe  more>>

  • Sweetkatie ( 53W / Whitestone, NY )


    I am an optimistic, down to earth, sincere person with a good sense of humor. I love taking long walk, traveling, reading, relaxing.

  • mischa2004 ( 29W / Newport Beach, CA )


    i would love show how can i do belly dance is my passion take me meditation of ancient Egypt. feel our hands caress hair

  • Brucer2000 ( 59W / Griffith, IN )


    Somewhere by the water. Maybe dinning out or going on a dinner cruise.

  • Sherluv ( 51W / Lake Worth, FL )


    If we have a few exhilarating phone conversations and we feel comfortable, my ideal first date would be to come over for a home made meal together, drink a little fine wine, laugh, share stories and really get to know ea  more>>

  • VeganGirl2011 ( 46W / Venice, CA )


    i'd like to do something unusual, romantic and memorable -- who knows if this is my soulmate and we'll be together forever, i want the first date to be really something cool. and if not, we didn't waste time 'having a co  more>>