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  • Forever38 ( 43W / Auckland, Auckland )


    Why don't we meet over a glass of wine, and dinner and see where it goes from there....

  • love2Love2003 ( 32W / North Hollywood, CA )


    GOOD conversation, classy setting (no bars or clubs please), we will take it from there.

  • catrinacoluzzi ( 37W / Saint Petersburg, FL )


    Total Romance 5 star luxury to be treated like a princess. I like to camp too as long as I am in Love and its an exciting diverse life and I am treated gently, and as the kin , loving Sweet Pea I am and deserve because I  more>>

  • Shindocks ( 41M / Long Island City, NY )


    We'll start by either meditating, or practicing yoga. After that we can have health food (preferably Asian), and talk about how good life is.

  • sweetroxy ( 45W / Encino, CA )


    My perfect fist date would be to have good chemistry,it dosent matter where we're at as long as the communication is their and we both feel contable with eachother.

  • Paula1985 ( 69W / New York, NY )


    I always want the gentleman to lead. Something excellent - and it could be the best hot dog!

  • AgaTha7 ( 48W / North Las Vegas, NV )


    A cozy blanket along the waterside at dusk with a chilled bottle of wine, cheese and fruit. Intelligent quiet conversation, a warm breeze and the smell of a camp fire "just getting to know you"

  • simpatico2007 ( 71W / Naples, FL )


    Stimulating conversation over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Laughter a must!

  • Bfantastic ( 38W / Irvine, CA )


    You talk and I listen...in a neutral territory...nature is always good... How about climbing Bell Rock for sunset- sun gazing?

  • womanyourdreams ( 49W / Washington, DC )


    How about we have a candeligth dinner and then take a nice walk on the beach.

  • GracefulPrinces ( 34W / Khabarovsk, Khabarovskiy Kray )


    My first date is here, online. I love the letters, the presents and the trust after all this in our hearts.

  • ocean2002 ( 50M / Lexington, KY )


    It would depend on the individual . Sometimes an Art Gallery or a Zoo is a better first date than a nice restaurant. Dating is a fluid situation.

  • sshuffle ( 48M / Boca Raton, FL )


    How about we spend the time to learn about we....

  • BenevolentDespot ( 31W / Blackpool, England - Lancashire )


    It would be ideal to spend some time with someone away from the distractions that pubs, clubs and restaurants etc offer us.

  • cuteveryvirilman ( 46M / Iasi, Iasi )


    In all I do I try to be The Best.