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  • pingu81 ( 33W / Victoria, BC )


    surprise me.

  • completealready ( 46W / Abu Dhabi, Abu Zaby )


    Maybe meet for a drink on my next trip out of the UAE? Something simple, easy, comfortable...a delicious meal with nice wine in an open air restaurant.

  • Peni13 ( 54W / Brisbane, Queensland )


    My idea of a date is making a connection. The rest is history.

  • Meshamisty ( 64W / Port Arthur, TX )


    My first date, I would like to be some where around the water, ocean or lake. Over looking the sea but still able to hear each other talk. A picnic on the beach, or lake. Fishing on a dock or boat.

  • harpell ( 43W / Etobicoke, ON )


    depends on interests of other.

  • kingbrownster ( 47M / Louisville, KY )


    Walk the dog just get out and do something fun Thats what we want is to be with someone who makes us smile

  • Jlajuicy ( 48W / Hollywood, FL )


    Any place where I am surrounded by my favorite element, water.

  • soulmate1027 ( 33M / Fishers, IN )


    If you are a singer or play an instrument, I would love to see you perform. If you are not christian, I would love to know it ALL about your spiritual/cultural background. If you enjoy the beach as much as I do, I would  more>>

  • Forever38 ( 43W / Auckland, Auckland )


    Why don't we meet over a glass of wine, and dinner and see where it goes from there....

  • pecanman ( 64M / Ashburn, GA )


    Meet at a nice restaurant and talk over a meal get to know each other

  • love2Love2003 ( 32W / North Hollywood, CA )


    GOOD conversation, classy setting (no bars or clubs please), we will take it from there.

  • catrinacoluzzi ( 36W / Saint Petersburg, FL )


    Total Romance 5 star luxury to be treated like a princess. I like to camp too as long as I am in Love and its an exciting diverse life and I am treated gently, and as the kin , loving Sweet Pea I am and deserve because I  more>>

  • Shindocks ( 41M / Long Island City, NY )


    We'll start by either meditating, or practicing yoga. After that we can have health food (preferably Asian), and talk about how good life is.

  • sweetroxy ( 45W / Encino, CA )


    My perfect fist date would be to have good chemistry,it dosent matter where we're at as long as the communication is their and we both feel contable with eachother.

  • Paula1985 ( 69W / New York, NY )


    I always want the gentleman to lead. Something excellent - and it could be the best hot dog!