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Walking or Hiking My favorite date ideas

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  • AllieH ( 24W / Morgantown, WV )


    I'm very easy to get along with and very social. I'm not picky at all on a first date idea; a walk, lunch, coffee, running errands, I'm up for whatever!

  • Smartcutie68 ( 38W / Pompano Beach, FL )


    Walking on the beach or running in the sand :) casual dinner will be good

  • keanu1177 ( 18M / Brooklyn, NY )


    I wouldn't have money like that to take you out for something to eat. But i can take you with me to the park and we can talk flirt a bit and maybe kiss if your up for it, and we can just have a hell of alot of fun like g  more>>

  • Queentika ( 19W / Las Vegas, NV )


    Relaxing near the water fall, with a small fire. Just sitting back talking & taking in the scenery.

  • paradavicito ( 43M / Tempe, AZ )


    A walk in the park or by a river, lake. An inspirationsl place where silence can be heard.

  • CAtlantis ( 30W / Pasadena, CA )


    i want to go on a hard hike, then go pig out.

  • msmelissaro ( 24W / Holyoke, MA )


    hmmm first date would be a nice walk, or just sitting in a cafe getting to know one another, going shopping, or a movie. something simple but very one on one.

  • Free2day ( 35M / Salt Lake City, UT )


    Going skiing or for a hike up the Canyon to a stream, Lake or river.

  • sabquiro ( 35M / Spain )


    Going for a walk and talking. That would be nice for knowing you.

  • Sashashh ( 20W / Fontana, CA )


    Walking, hiking, honestly anywhere where we can talk and converse.

  • Danie89 ( 25W / Lafayette, LA )


    Enjoying the outdoors together maybe ;)

  • Sheena11 ( 30W / Torrance, CA )


    Good exercise always come with healthy heart.:)

  • Ace1419 ( 21M / Oakdale, CA )


    I'm more into just hanging out and seeing what the other person likes and doesn't like

  • vanepo ( 31W / San Diego, CA )


    Go for a walk so we can talk and see if we click or not

  • ann_dom22 ( 23W / Houston, TX )


    Going for a walk sounds more like me