First Date Ideas

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  • jalalmohamad ( 44 / M / Lincoln, NE )

    I want to chat with girl and woman everyday with very nice girl only

  • Jaysakha ( 26 / M / Cedar Glen, CA )

    First date... I'm thinking it should be fun. And hey if it's not, then all good for both sides. I haven't been on many dates, But I think going out to eat or sight seeing is a good call.

  • johnfedrick ( 36 / M / New York, NY )

    Looking for nice person

  • Thayveeteeda ( 36 / M / Fresno, CA )

    My idea be independent so every day my mind is to take how can I open a business or what can I do to make my self independent young so I don't have to work for the rest of my life to pay bill. My mind is business alway d...  read more>>

  • JoshyBrown ( 31 / M / South Africa )

    anything fun,just been able to put a smile on that gorgeous some one .Ofcourse a romantic setting will work perfect, with some classes of good wine wil be best

  • ant1975 ( 40 / M / South Africa )

    Mmmmmmm first date would depend on who it is and her dream date, my first date would to make the person I am with happy and to have fun and laugh and get on like a house on fire, not fussy just as long as we get on and w...  read more>>

  • Lovetimeslove ( 50 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    Conversation and coffee in a nice restaurant

  • Fabianharley ( 25 / M / Jamaica )

    First thanks God i wish i find a good women

  • loveloveloveyou ( 52 / W / Burleson, TX )

    Coffee, conversation! A time to meet, greet and see what we see and if we like what we see, think and maybe even feel!

  • jenmillie ( 38 / W / Bradford, ON )

    Looking for a soulmate, is there still one on earth?

  • Deepakkumargupta ( 21 / M / Australia )

    I don't have idea hehehe but forever together you Are everything.. I need to be happy...

  • PrincipessaMia ( 37 / W / Vienna, VA )

    I would like my first date to be in Godiva chocolate store ;)))

  • Anna0929 ( 34 / W / South Ozone Park, NY )

    nice and simple . nothing fancy

  • mohammedkanneh ( 36 / M / Italy )

    Avery simple and straight farword gentlemen and am here straight for serious partner for the rest of our life

  • Thickness23 ( 36 / W / Cocoa Beach, FL )

    I Want My First Date To Be At A Cheesecake Factory Or Somewhere Very Nice Where There Are The Sweets I Love To Eat Now And Then.