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Sporting Events

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  • MirrorMirror56 ( 37W / London, England - London )


    To go to a sporting event - Football in London / Basketball in LA and have great seats but be able to eat hotdogs. Really relaxed, no pressure, gives a chance to talk and have fun.

  • VDubs594 ( 38W / Victoria, BC )


    How about we go see a live sports match? I've never been to one and really want to! Football, soccer, baseball...bring it on!

  • Sugardolllface ( 24W / Los Angeles, CA )


    I love sports soo something sporty!!!!!

  • destinee876 ( 19W / Chanute, KS )


    Something different. I like training new things

  • Chillgirlfriend ( 56W / Boise, ID )


    I have so many.........A broadway play would be nice with dinner. Here are lots of other ideas, I guess we should see if we like each other first! #thatmightbeimportant ---I think an amusement park would be a very fun fi  more>>

  • BarbieKitty ( 36W / Sanford, ME )


    I would have to suggest that our first date be a video chat :)

  • TaraJames23 ( 22W / Carmichael, CA )


    Watch a sports game together, whether it's in person at the game, or out on the town watching it. After that, going somewhere else to spend some more intimate time getting to know each other.

  • Calliope_Kate ( 27W / North Conway, NH )


    I think catching a game would make for a great first date. The people watching, the cold beer, the camaraderie, the fact there would be few awkward silences because we're watching a sport...perfect!

  • NK3280 ( 39W / New York, NY )


    Visit a tourist hot spot in our town that neither of us has been to before.

  • Alyson_sexy ( 36W / Peterborough, ON )


    I like sports! I like to move :)

  • Devinsmith97 ( 36M / Chisholm, MN )


    Lovely restraunt and a dinner in the sunset

  • Bigdog12345 ( 35M / Fenton, MO )


    Dinner and movie. Walk in the park with something to drink. While walking we can talk and get to know each other. Maybe go to a local bar and listen to music and talk somemore

  • agolfaddict ( 60M / Chesterfield, MO )


    Truthfully, I'm not much of a romantic. I'd like to be out and about doing something.

  • ashhleey94 ( 36W / Midland, TX )


    I love surprises so if you surprise me I'm sold! Also I love football so going to a game would be good :)

  • canhockeychick ( 32W / Calgary, AB )


    How about we go do some bowling? or cheer on a sports team?