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Sporting Events My favorite date ideas

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  • anniebaby42 ( 50W / South Berwick, ME )


    My first date idea would be going to a sporting event, whether it's the sox, bruins, patriots or just a local high school/college game. I am a sports fanatic and I can talk sports with the best of the boys. Other first d  more>>

  • TaliaAlexis ( 20W / Salinas, CA )


    Being a die-hard Giants fan, the best first date I can think of is Field Club seats at a game.

  • Kathleen009 ( 60W / Sahuarita, AZ )


    Practicing at gun or archery range with pizza and wine after

  • maverick48 ( 33W / Tulsa, OK )


    I want to be surprised. Nothing typical.

  • babs1178 ( 36W / Du Bois, PA )


    Something adventurous and outside of the box.

  • musicmovesme2014 ( 62W / Citrus Heights, CA )


    It could be a sporting event, going out for a just a glass of good wine and conversation.

  • Chiqui2014 ( 53W / North Miami Beach, FL )


    Any places with a warm atmosphere or simple wall on the beach.

  • nursebyday2014 ( 55W / Monticello, WI )


    How about attending the Running of the Bulls? No one ever picks that for a first date, but it would be exciting and memorable!! More seriously though, even though I think dates should be fun and not serious, I love coffe  more>>

  • MissSassafras ( 30W / Tryon, NE )


    Sports events, fun low key, no pressure places. A good date don't require much :).

  • og_mak ( 23W / Bellingham, WA )


    I am super easy-going and fun-loving. I love my local Seattle Seahawks. Attending a game would be a perfect first date.

  • miche129 ( 36W / Shelton, CT )


    To go to a New England Patriots game and hang around patriot place. Have some dinner and drinks.

  • ZeeZee13 ( 23W / Houston, TX )


    Amazing seats at a Texans or Rockets game having a few drinks and cheering in my teams would be my ideal date!

  • Mdiamond2000 ( 40W / Charleston, SC )


    Perfect first date... Take Friday off of work, hit the boat, do some fishing, dock some where around sunset, dinner and a baseball game.

  • 7bunny7 ( 37W / Atlanta, GA )


    i love sports so a no stress date to a football/basketball (college/pro) game is always fun

  • BayouGirl25 ( 26W / Baton Rouge, LA )


    Let's go to a NFL Game. Maybe have a few drinks over a nice dinner then head back & enjoy perhaps a nice hot tub!