First Date Ideas

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  • Desmarq2015 ( 43 / W / Waldo, AR )

    First date should be decided between the both of us. We could go to dinner and possible take a late night walk on the park.

  • reedster ( 36 / M / Fort Worth, TX )

    Take her for a walk at the park or a walk in the mall or envite over to my place and cook a special meal for both us and have some wine or other drink and stay with me that night

  • Temilywantschang ( 26 / W / Denton, TX )

    My first perfect date would be anywhere that is outside and beautiful weather with a great guy that shares a lot of the same values/views that I have.

  • Elia92 ( 24 / W / Italy )

    On the river of a lake, Rome, Venice, the beach

  • Marko1886 ( 29 / M / Croatia )

    A tea or coffe with a slow walking in old town centre holdind with hands and smiling. Who knows? That will depend on our characters and an element of surprise.

  • Dawnydawn68 ( 36 / W / Birmingham, England - West Midlands )

    Casual getting to know him. Learn about his children and family. His hobbies and interest. What makes him tick. If he's got a family and ready to settle down. If he was married before.

  • Tahoe206 ( 29 / M / Maple Valley, WA )

    Go for a walk then dinner or a movie or danceing i am up forall of theses

  • Gregorysuperchef ( 38 / M / Phoenix, AZ )

    Spontaneous dates are the best to me no planning just go and end up happy.

  • SemiaK ( 24 / W / Manhattan, KS )

    Something to were a bond is able to be built.

  • LucifinaCartier ( 19 / W / Raleigh, NC )

    A first date for me would be anything involving water. I do like to eat. I enjoy karaoke. I love things that involve outdoors.

  • Mercedezs ( 40 / W / Amsterdam, Noord-Holland )

    close our eyes and both randomly pinpoint a place on a map…we have a 99 % chance of choosing different places… all the more fun:) oops i think i got a bit carried away with ideas for a 1st date. Its probably more lik  more>>

  • UFivas ( 20 / M / Lemoore, CA )

    My first date would have to be going around California looking at all the amazing sites I'm new here and would love to have a lil adventure starting from southern cali ending somewhere north

  • Karimova ( 31 / W / Almaty, Almaty )

    How about meeting in the Spain or in some country we did't both visit but eager to ; )

  • tearjerker21 ( 35 / W / Singapore )

    In a romantic place where you can only hear a splash of water and birds singing, a beautiful flowers sorrounds us while he was holding my hands and enjoy the cold breeze.

  • lowe69 ( 36 / M / Hillsville, VA )

    Dinner and a movie, walk in the park, or late evening picnic watching the then watch the moonrise as we lay under the Star