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  • ricardo03 ( 35 / M / Dominican Republic )

    About know mi partner, about her fellind, her dream all about her

  • RobinTina ( 25 / W / La Crescenta, CA )

    Dinner at a romantic restaurant or an outdoor activity such as beach play, hiking, etc.

  • BigIRishman89 ( 26 / M / Ronkonkoma, NY )

    Just looking to have as much fun as possible and enjoy Eachother in many different ways

  • AbbeyJ ( 23 / W / Phoenix, AZ )

    Let's try something new for a first date rather than the typical, "dinner and then a movie". Let's go kayaking or paddle boarding! I'm a sucker for good food and movies though...

  • softtouch2446 ( 49 / M / Minneapolis, MN )

    my first date would be considered by who I mean different females will be treated different ways according to who I am getting acquainted with determine how this first date is going to be

  • cocoa_smiles ( 32 / W / Syracuse, NY )

    Out eat or a movie would like for my date to be a gentleman and not expect Anything from me but a good time

  • marilynp ( 23 / W / King William, VA )

    Something that is in public so I know you are not creepy. Maybe get a coffee and walk around a park.

  • Ontgebeacj ( 27 / W / Exeter, England - Devon )

    Probably not dinner I find that a bit forced. A fun day out at a farm or a zoo something that's just fun and maybe some drinks. A comedy night or a gig is always fun too.

  • greatlover21 ( 24 / W / Cleveland, OH )

    My first date I would love for it to be a simple date with us getting to know each other. A nice walk may be some ice cream just a lot of time to bond an connect

  • Trudy555555 ( 25 / W / Namibia )

    Anything will be possible.Maybe have a little snack somewhere or have lil wine to loosen up a bit.

  • hercley ( 35 / M / Jamaica )

    My first date,iI want us to go somewhere she likes,we will have a glorious time together,bonding and getting to know each other more.

  • Mydarlingamanda ( 22 / W / Visalia, CA )

    Something unconventional. A painting class, a dance class, a cooking class, a museum, a football/ baseball or hockey game, something fun.

  • Plumpness ( 32 / W / Portland, OR )

    I lead a busy life, my ideal date would be running errands and seeing if we could make a bunch of everyday tasks fun and exciting. If that first date went well then we could have dinner or something more intimate.

  • Ilizabeth ( 46 / W / Pueblo, CO )

    I would prefer to have a fun, active first date. Something not too romantic right away. I want you to see me in broad daylight and in a casual setting so we can just talk and laugh and have fun flirting. Then if there is  more>>

  • trustandhope ( 59 / M / Surrey, BC )

    I am a pretty conservative guy....and I like to plan things together. So, it would be a mutual choice, of something simple.