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  • Lila69 ( 42W / London, ON )


    For our first date I will really love to go to a museum or art gallery.

  • Noblesophisticat ( 28W / Columbus, Hessen )


    How about we go to the museum and then to an old fashioned Italian restaurant?

  • Marlee_C ( 25W / Rennes, Bretagne )


    Best place for an awkward first date - the local art gallery! Let's break the ice by unconsciously insulting each other's tastes in art, favourite artists, and so on - then hightail it on down to the nearest café to col  more>>

  • Divine27 ( 28W / Cleveland, OH )


    I really enjoy art and everything creative. Wine and an art gallery would be a perfect first date for me.

  • Magd3576 ( 27W / Oxford, England - Oxfordshire )


    I'd like to get to know you in a space where we can talk, look at some of the strange and wonderful things humans have created, and decide if we find one another amiable enough to meet again.

  • Nellejva ( 46W / Everton, MO )


    To be good enough for a second date! Lol

  • Dimples192011 ( 27W / Chicago, IL )


    surprise me! Am open to many different ideas I like some one who has a creative mind set.

  • Extremefitness ( 40W / Waldwick, NJ )


    Holding each other watching the sunset with a blanket and a bottle of wine.

  • GeliaG ( 29W / York, PA )


    Anything from a coffee to a festival

  • Kthorne ( 21W / Ithaca, NY )


    A perfect first date would be to go to a museum or art gallery and then have a nice dinner where we could chat and get to know each other better. This is one of many perfect first date scenarios for me.

  • helena20002000 ( 26W / Philadelphia, PA )


    beach, zoo, ...ext any outdoors ;)

  • stacyt2001 ( 36W / Clio, MI )


    I like to have fun and do common things on a first date like going out for lunch or dinner , and maybe go out to a museum or skating rink , some place that's nice and fun.

  • LadyInRed_ ( 35W / Glendale, CA )


    I like to go places, spectate or participate in an activity and talk over lunch or dinner...

  • DeShunp33 ( 34M / Kansas City, MO )


    First date for me is usually just hanging out having fun we can check out Art museums a little music food or even hit an amusement park. I am a kid at heart through and through.

  • StBarths1 ( 27W / West Hollywood, CA )


    A shopping spree! A weekend Caribbean getaway. If you have any better ideas. Lets get together.