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  • Jessicamaree ( 27W / Venice, FL )


    I love anything that has to do with history. Its very important to me to learn as much as I possibly can about everything! It's a great conversation starter and you can never go wrong sharing information. Then after a da  more>>

  • rubber_duck ( 28M / Miami, FL )


    Let us get immersed either in the art or in each other.

  • blackblonde ( 37W / Monaco, England - London )


    can take it easy and up to both convenience.....no strict rules ...leave it to yur creativity or mine at that moment....am spontaneous :)

  • jenniferleigh25 ( 26W / Daytona Beach, FL )


    A museum or gallery would be an ideal location for a first date in my opinion because then we could interact on a more intelligent and intimate level.

  • Sexy_beautiful79 ( 34W / Bloomington, IL )


    I think a museum is a perfect first date because there is always a lot to see, do, and talk about--as long as both people have an interest in whatever is at the museum. It can be a fun bonding experience that is a memory  more>>

  • Loveguru2004 ( 53W / Nashville, TN )


    For a quick meet and greet I prefer a cafe (Coffee or a Green Tea Latte) But for a 1st date it needs to be interactive, whether dinner or a Art Gallery or walking around our local square (I LOVE outdoor cafes)

  • photonerd_dean ( 20M / Carson City, NV )


    Ive always wanted to explore a big city like Seattle or San Francisco and visit the different areas of culture. Check out some musuems, art galleries, local vendors.., just walk the streets and make out own memories. And  more>>

  • LaurenW2000 ( 20W / Brooklyn, NY )


    I love art and listening to others viewpoints on it. I also like going out for coffee and laughing about the troubes of the day. Very relaxing, chill, and fun time.

  • NZGirl2013 ( 24W / TeAwamutu, Waikato )


    Absolutely anything... although preferably nothing too fancy.. I don't like show offs ;p

  • MtnFlowers ( 63M / Cascade, ID )


    Go to a gallery or a museum then a nice lunch. If things go well then maybe a jazz club. ... "end up sleeping in a doorway with diamonds on the soles of her shoes". .... (Paul Simon)

  • Lila69 ( 42W / London, ON )


    For our first date I will really love to go to a museum or art gallery.

  • Noblesophisticat ( 28W / Columbus, Hessen )


    How about we go to the museum and then to an old fashioned Italian restaurant?

  • Marlee_C ( 25W / Rennes, Bretagne )


    Best place for an awkward first date - the local art gallery! Let's break the ice by unconsciously insulting each other's tastes in art, favourite artists, and so on - then hightail it on down to the nearest café to col  more>>

  • Divine27 ( 28W / Cleveland, OH )


    I really enjoy art and everything creative. Wine and an art gallery would be a perfect first date for me.

  • Magd3576 ( 27W / Oxford, England - Oxfordshire )


    I'd like to get to know you in a space where we can talk, look at some of the strange and wonderful things humans have created, and decide if we find one another amiable enough to meet again.