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  • CarolineN14 ( 30W / Rydal, Vastra Gotaland )


    I want to know a person before sex. I want to know if we have things in common and not just another girl to play. Lunch, dinner, or a nice walk goes a long way. Honesty goes even further and not just ONE date it takes ti  more>>

  • treatwell ( 47W / Destin, FL )


    I don't think a man needs to spend a lot of money on a first date. It should be about meeting the person and seeing if you connect. I think a nice lunch date is great, You can always follow it up with a evening date if i  more>>

  • Katharine205 ( 62W / Austin, TX )


    I would like to meet for lunch!

  • Tashie123 ( 24W / Kingston, Saint Catherine )


    Somewhere where we can get to know more about each other while having fun

  • kimmi89 ( 25W / Melbourne, Victoria )


    Nothing too fussy!! Food is always a good way to start ;-P lol somewhere quiet so we are able to talk and actually get to know each other

  • lovestorun2014 ( 56M / Memphis, TN )


    It really doesn't matter where it is just a simple refreshment and a relaxed meeting to get to know one another face to face. If we enjoy talking and there is attraction then obviously we keep talking and have fun. This  more>>

  • Hollywoodthing ( 21W / Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional )


    Nice romantic restaurant red whine and good conversation

  • Sandy20142001 ( 30W / Woodland Hills, CA )


    Maybe go to lunch.. I enjoy thrills. ;-)

  • tastyskin50 ( 33M / Washington, DC )


    First date idea should be held at a mountainous area ocean view or any sort of water body but I will prefer cruises for a first date never been on cruises I will love to try one with someone special on a first date

  • Abby_1 ( 35W / Shrewsbury, MA )


    Dinner, or watch a movie or anything my date plans on doing

  • bechtel1974 ( 40W / Chula Vista, CA )


    Lunch dates are so perfect in my opinion. You can get to know someone without all the pressure. In a natural, casual way. And if there is chemistry at lunch, dinner should be electrifying.

  • JustinStark ( 23M / Okeechobee, FL )


    a night on the town or a nice evening lunch

  • Chrissie44 ( 44W / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )


    Nice and casual. No stress on the meeting so it's nice and relaxed, and we both enjoy ourselves xx

  • lovely1963 ( 50W / Barnsley, England - South Yorkshire )


    Some where we can talk and get to know each other,both could decide

  • simplyfabmzk ( 30W / Chicago, IL )


    Doesn't need to be a major production just show that you put some effort. . Xoxo