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  • Agquinn82 ( 33W / New Baltimore, MI )


    Someplace different. A fancy dinner can be fun, but something advent ours and out of the norm is fine by me. Ping pong...batting cages....fishing.?!?!?

  • HisLover ( 27W / South Royalton, VT )


    Start Off Online Dating Then Work Are Way To Meeting In Person Movie And A Dinner.

  • Poisonpinklips ( 19W / Lepanto, AR )


    Look at my match thing and you will see

  • Gracewoman ( 40W / Germantown, TN )


    Any place that can foster quality conversation.

  • BoyDivision ( 35W / Philadelphia, PA )


    Anything can be fun if you approach the date with an open mind. A great first date can begin in a park sitting on a bench and then mutually deciding where we should go. I like adventures and spontaneity.

  • crystalfaith95 ( 20W / Florence, MS )


    Dinner is fine but no movies. A dark area where you arent supposed to talk doesnt sound ideal to me. Lol. Maybe somewhere more interactive, mini golf, lazer tag, just a walk..

  • Abitmore ( 29W / Norway )


    Please wow me... Make it look like You Made an effort putting it together...

  • BUTTERSCOTCH13 ( 45W / Fort Thomas, KY )


    Open to what we agree on and what is hot as the time. Definitely an activity and some personal time together afterwards.

  • Sassyred61 ( 53W / Anniston, AL )


    A nice walk, talk, get to know each other a little better to see if there's a spark or attraction. And then maybe for a drink. Simple is better.

  • Algerishgirl ( 32W / United Kingdom )


    First date could be anything at all... A dinner, a dance, movie, ice skating, bobsleighing lol anything at all. I'm spontaneous and also easy to please! Hopefully this comes across in my pictures, I like to change my hai  more>>

  • KimmyHollywood ( 43W / Australia )


    I'm not really a typical date person as I haven't really been on one just as long as it's enjoyable and there is plenty of conversation

  • ColinJordan ( 32M / Washington, DC )


    restaurant, cafe or take a walk

  • Azaeah ( 25W / Monterey, CA )


    Something extraordinary, something adventurous, totally out of the box fun! I have an open mind, I love surprises and I am one very grateful and appreciative individual.

  • mc123123 ( 26W / Bridge City, TX )


    That is up to you. If we talk and get to know each other then you will never know.

  • Jaz8112 ( 25W / Greeley, CO )


    Anywhere public and kid friendly