First Date Ideas

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  • Bertram072 ( 44 / W / Annapolis, MD )

    Let's sit somewhere cozy ( or outdoors ) and tell each other the stories behind our pictures here! It's impossible to know if that elusive chemistry exists at a concert or movie. But I wouldn't rule out a spontaneous adv...  read more >>

  • tiffanybleubb ( 44 / W / Los Altos, CA )

    Hmmmm, perhaps an ideal date will be with that very special someone sipping champagne It is the chemistry and company that makes a perfect date!!!

  • NEAGolfer ( 58 / M / Jonesboro, AR )

    It will be enjoyable and comfortable..... Like old friends catching up on life with a little Jr. High butterflies included

  • officialzac ( 19 / M / Holland, MI )

    it's hard to say we can do anything i am down for anything

  • YourTexasAngel ( 40 / W / Schertz, TX )

    I find myself in Colorado often. A date there would be nice too. I don't have any "date" ideas. I haven't been on a "date" in 21 years. Seriously!!! If you missed the Man memo in my bio, I'm sorry. I...  read more >>

  • CindyInOhio ( 57 / W / Willoughby, OH )

  • Shakira67 ( 49 / W / Forte dei marmi, Toscana )

    We have a candlelight dinner maybe in Italy ! I live in Tuscany and here is fantastic but maybe also in USA depends. The important is not for a joke

  • Enjoylife1215 ( 55 / W / Deerfield Beach, FL )

    This will all come together. After we meet and we want it to continue on both sides the rest is easy.

  • LetsTakeFlight_ ( 39 / M / Orlando, FL )

    We fly to Brazil and hike along the coast, until we find a secluded beach. Picking coconuts, bodysurfing in the waves, and talking until sunset… we light a fire and lay back to watch the stars until our dinner, prepare...  read more >>

  • momomeanspeach ( 20 / W / Mount Rainier, MD )

    I imagine us securing tickets to some sort of show (opera, theatre, film viewing, dance recital etc.). We make light conversation over a glass of wine in the lobby prior to showtime. After the show, the night whisks us a...  read more >>

  • sweetgirlbabe ( 34 / W / Lombardia )

    It depends, go with the flow and with what we enjoy doing in that moment

  • DolceFemininity ( 48 / W / Mesa, AZ )

    The Japanese Friendship Garden, is the perfect first date location, for the makings of a new / beginning, of a new friendship, ....

  • kile50 ( 51 / M / Union, NJ )

    Barefoot, bobby socks, sneakers, boots, flats and or high heels are nothing without confidence! SHINE!

  • Callie525 ( 47 / W / Buckhead, GA )

    First date would be a simple meeting at a bookstore. That way if it isn't working out we can get lost in some aisle and not offend one another. :)

  • DrewWatkins ( 19 / M / Quitman, MS )

    Candlelight Dinner?