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Fancy Dining

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  • Richardja ( 36M / Folkestone, England - Kent )


    Dinner and a few drinks afterwards.

  • Christahart1244 ( 33W / Plano, TX )


    a romantic candle light dinner and out for a walk

  • nieceallure ( 20W / Philadelphia, PA )


    fancy dining on the beach- beautiful candle-light dinner.. thank you.

  • yessmile ( 55W / San Antonio, TX )


    A good dinner with an excellent glass of red wine

  • MzStat ( 59W / Phoenix, AZ )


    I would to have a nice dinner getting to know you , and then may be take a little walk? what u think

  • jordgeegirl ( 55W / Redwood City, CA )


    A lovely dinner experience with interesting conversation.

  • asia37 ( 41W / mandeville, Manchester )


    (1) candlelight dinner and a nice & quiet walk on the beach (2) trip for two to Paris or somewhere in the caribbean (3) going to museums & art galleries (4) sightseeing

  • MiamiDoll ( 30W / Miami, FL )


    I love the unexpected... Love pleasent surprises and hopefully making new memories!

  • southern_beauty7 ( 29W / Clovis, CA )


    I simply love good food! So I will not specify what I want my first date to be like, as I'd prefer to preserve the element of surprise.

  • sjazzy8 ( 50W / Phoenix, AZ )


    Not too fast. Real nice conversation and dinner to see your manners. And just be content with the ambiance and no mushy talk....or bye bye. Be Real

  • blonde_premed ( 22W / Torrance, CA )


    I would love to have an evening of fine dining and good conversation while we share a nice bottle of wine.

  • Jetsetter2222 ( 44M / Raleigh, NC )


    Am a traditional man, would like to take you to dinner, talk, & get to know you. Afterwards, dancing or stargazing would be nice. Love to travel & would be open to traveling somewhere nice on the second date!

  • meashiboo ( 28W / Saint Paul, MN )


    My first date ideas would be dinner outside under the stars,just walking along the beach and maybe afterwards go for skinny dipping...lol

  • Evans_28 ( 30W / Morgantown, WV )


    Good Conversation Over Drinks Or Dinner..

  • lauren666 ( 19W / Bournemouth, England - Hampshire )


    some nice food, we could get a spa? nice walk along the beach (only on sunset) i love the sunset but not really the walking type, anything crazy or laid back im not fussed im an easy person x