First Date Ideas

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  • triharder ( 60 / W / Bismarck, ND )

    I would love to take in a jazz set or see a Broadway show after dinner.

  • Rosey0ne ( 56 / W / Palm Beach, FL )

    Interesting to one another

  • chiclana ( 65 / M / cadiz, Andalucia )

    Play it by ear and see how it goes

  • FunEthicsTravel ( 60 / W / San Diego, CA )

    We can meet at La Jolla Cove and then have a little something to share overlooking it at a lovely little place with an abalone fireplace.

  • peacelovecookies ( 33 / W / Rochester, NY )

    I think the typical first date should be dinner. I love to eat and really enjoy the dining atmosphere. I love the ambiance and the all around fun of sitting in a restaurant just conversing with someone pretty amazing. If...  read more>>

  • Sandy_fromtheuk ( 42 / W / Brisbane, Queensland )

    I would like my date to either be at a chinese or indian restraunt.

  • f15ace ( 55 / M / Philadelphia, PA )

    how would you like to have a good Italian meal and then walk around town

  • Kburnham0008 ( 52 / M / Raleigh, NC )

    Come meet me at my development and one of my restaurants in North Raleigh, Very popular venue and lots of fun. Its a great place to get to know someone on a first date.

  • LoveLilKim ( 41 / W / Houston, TX )

    Dinner and a bottle of fine wine to get to know each other.

  • Massage01 ( 58 / W / Prattville, AL )

    A great first date would be a lunch or dinner at a cozy and quiet restaurant.

  • sweet_dad ( 55 / M / Vivian, LA )

    Something simple, coffee, a drink to meet and talk, maybe wonder off to find a meal. Maybe a Harley ride to a hole in the wall for dinner and dancing (I need lessons!). Anything you like, I'm open to just about anything...  read more>>

  • MelaninCutie027 ( 22 / W / Garland, TX )

    A dinner and drinks, or a park where we can get peaceful one on one time. Surprise me. Museums, resorts, beaches, lakes.

  • Shereni ( 23 / W / Calgary, AB )

    Dinner at an awesome restaurant my favourite is the Calgary 360 in the tower followed by viewing the city from the top and good conversation.

  • Nutsfortennis ( 47 / W / Issaquah, WA )

    It would be fun to sit out on a patio overlooking the Market on a beautiful day and just get to know each other over a bottle of wine and some good laughs

  • alex2a2 ( 38 / W / Toronto, ON )

    coffee, going for a stroll, good conversation.