First Date Ideas

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  • StormyStarGazer ( 25 / W / Tulsa, OK )

    A nice dinner, then we would go for a ride driving with no real destination just talking and enjoying the night. After that go to a hidden spot where we can see the city's lights and escape from the chaos of the world...  read more >>

  • Sassynara ( 32 / W / Miami, FL )

    First date….not sure!!! I am willing to entertain any reasonable offer. :)

  • Jayypinkjr ( 23 / M / Tampa, FL )

    Adventure like you've never been before

  • floridaboy74 ( 36 / M / Grand Ridge, FL )

    Where ever the day or night takes us and have fun and get to know each other and see the real one another no plans Just go with the flow and do what ever

  • Margaretpeterson ( 22 / W / Eau Claire, WI )

    I am pretty much down for anything from Netflix and chill to walking on the beach. I like when guys tale the time to plan it that's super sweet and really gets my attention

  • Tushia ( 33 / W / Happy Valley, OR )

    Something bit different from the usual.🙈 no idea for now

  • bobbybergeron ( 23 / M / Putnam, CT )

    Anything really from a walk on the beach to just eating lunch. An amazing person can make even the most boring of places fun and that how i am

  • Honourableheart ( 59 / M / Sligo, Sligo )

    We can discuss about our date when you contact me Mr serviceman at live dot ie Then we can chat better.....thanks

  • Neek77 ( 38 / M / Newport News, VA )

    Dinner and a movie, and long conversations.

  • Hurielle ( 30 / M / Jamaica )

    I would love for us to get to know each other and then we could meet each other some day along the future! I would love to make a cloudy day become bright and sunny!

  • JMG772002 ( 39 / W / Columbus, OH )

    Something that I will always remember

  • whitetrash29 ( 30 / M / Russells Point, OH )

    Walk on the beach dinner and a movie then sit around a camp fire and watch the stars and set under the moon and talk about our lives and future and present not the past.

  • cjagad ( 36 / M / South Africa )

    No metter where no metter wen as long as we mad its they most inportance thing that can happen 2 us

  • thalethia ( 26 / W / Belgium )

    A nice walk or picknick Boattrip or lunch

  • Selahgirl ( 47 / W / Levittown, PA )

    Surprise me. -nice low lighted restaurant with a carriage ride - a jazz club or harp recital with a stroll through the city afterwards - send flowers to my job (rare flowers, NOT ROSES unless a unique colored rose) with...  read more >>