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Dates that make a difference

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  • flyingheart84 ( 29W / Ürümqi, Xinjiang )


    A fundraising event to help Chinese disabled people would be a perfect first date for me, whether in reality or online.

  • sandygaye520 ( 55W / Kansas City, MO )


    Stand out..make an impression ..be creative.. Sushi and saki on the beach.. Depending on your location..Just Surprise me..

  • Flbrsp ( 35W / Largo, FL )


    There are so many options ... I am ok with a light dinner somewhere comfortable where we can have a drink and sit next to each other, a boat ride, a walk at the beach and wine tasting.

  • DanielMichaud91 ( 58M / Gas City, Indiana )


    A nice quiet dinner and conversation.

  • KaylaRed ( 35W / Washington, DC )


    Maybe dinner, a movie, a show, light drinking or what ever you might have in mind that's exciting

  • cater2u2 ( 22W / Como, Lombardia )


    Something that can make a difference and we'll both remember for a long time.

  • nikky0000 ( 25W / London, England - London )


    Drinks, candle lit dinner, lunch, movies, and maybe a nice long/romantic walk near a beach where we can both watch the sunset :)

  • Chorizo2008 ( 36W / brisbane, Queensland )


    Morning sports , branch , lunch teatro , churh , live musical , recitals , shows., naps grapes , champagne ,cheese , dinner dance house until sunlight.

  • AmazingCOOK ( 46W / Colorado Springs, CO )


    Wind, cool air, crisp autumn day, speaking words to each other that have never been in our lifetimes. Hand holding, smiles, and a lot of "when can I see you again thoughts" in our heads

  • ElegantBluEyes ( 35W / Marina, CA )


    ROMANCE ELGANT FUN MUST Really WOW me in a good way

  • sonyskilz21 ( 31M / Warwick, RI )


    A walk on the beach as the sun sets with a bottle of wine and you...

  • Enigmatica ( 41W / København, Kobenhavn )


    Studies show that it only takes 8 seconds to decide on a first impression of another person. Let´s plan the first meeting light, leaving it open to continue longer if the first 8 seconds goes well :-)

  • Valentina2055 ( 34W / Miami Beach, FL )


    Surprise me, I love creative minds. I can give you a little hint ✈️ Im a little silly at times.

  • Marylu1 ( 53W / Monza, Lombardia )


    Going out for a surprising elegant dinner and to a special art event or theatre.

  • luciacolombia ( 37W / Medellín, Antioquia )


    Romantic, I would prefer a romantic place, tranquil, peaceful.