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Cafe My favorite date ideas

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  • Sweetness637 ( 36W / Corona, CA )


    Day date where we can get to learn about one another both by communication and social interaction. Coffee shop would be ideal...and remember to bring your smile!

  • JaenRC ( 25W / Mexico )


    En un lugar tranquilo donde sea posible hablar, sin demasidas distracciones, talvez un cafe o un restaurant pequeño como en una terraza.

  • Hottytoddymom ( 44W / Oxford, MS )


    Dinner, movie, bowling, sporting event.... Possibilities are endless....

  • lipsticknhiheels ( 55W / Albuquerque, NM )


    Cup of coffee or glass of wine.

  • liesyl ( 35W / Guaynabo, PR )


    A coffee or wine.Lots of talking to get to know each other, love jokes and laughing.Dining or/and movies sound good

  • BrendaStull ( 56W / Taneytown, MD )


    Dinner then take a walk or a movie or go to listen too music

  • Yogagirl341 ( 27W / Rochester, NY )


    Coffee, lunch, or drinks would be good!

  • skorpiongr ( 42M / Greece )


    No matter where and how. Good intentions is the only thing we need!

  • Teaa80 ( 35W / Tirane, Tirane )


    A walk, coffee, dinner.. as long as we can hear each other talk :)

  • Danuberry ( 33W / Kettering, England - Northamptonshire )


    One drink rule applies. I'm sorry but if there's no spark, there's no second drink or date, or anything else.

  • Ca1800 ( 37W / Miami, FL )


    Meet up for coffee or a drink , something informal, to see if we would like to get together again for lunch or dinner

  • OliviaAdams ( 25W / London, England - London )


    I think dinner or cocktails in a quiet place would be my ideal date so I can get to know someone. I don't do meeting guys in bars and clubs. Thats a no no for me

  • Dazzling78 ( 36W / Sugar Land, TX )


    Some place where we can have a conversation and actually hear each other. I love activity dates as well.

  • lisaaaaaa ( 35W / Italy )


    a nice walk, park, sea side, coffee, anywhere but i prefer outdoor places

  • Dana39 ( 39W / Walnut, CA )


    if we hit it off over a phone calls or chatting on this site I would like to meet as soon as possible to see if there is anything between us in person .we can have coffee or a drink