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  • JPRomantic28 ( 58W / La Grange, IL )


    Our first date would take place at a restaurant for lunch or dinner. Just some place simple for a sandwich. It would have to be a quiet place so we could talk and get to know each other.

  • beachlover1230 ( 47W / North Wales, PA )


    My first date can really take place anywhere. It's not about the location, it's about the person you are with and the conversation.

  • sweetteaparks ( 25W / Chester, VA )


    And nice candlelight dinner at a nice restaurant

  • BeautifulCuy ( 20W / Columbus, OH )


    Starbucks indefinitely! I am a coffee drinker!

  • WinterWhisper ( 22W / Sydney, New South Wales )


    Somewhere nice to be able to talk and get to know each other

  • WildAtHeart9419 ( 19W / Leeds, England - West Yorkshire )


    I'm a cheap first date to be honest and will probably pay for myself lol a nice cafe or even a jog or something sporty. I don't mind as long as we get to know each other.

  • Angela_Arielle22 ( 28W / Fresno, CA )


    Typical first dates are usually coffee. Something simple where we can just get to know each other and see where the conversation takes us. I'm open to anything as long as there is conversation and interaction.

  • Ladylovelyj81 ( 33W / Ossining, NY )


    Some place next to the water. Cozy and quite

  • Mianei ( 29W / Airdrie, AB )


    Dinner with wine or champagne.

  • Fitzroy ( 48M / Austin, TX )


    How about we meet somewhere public like a cafe for a casual first date, have drinks and take it from there...and if there is something happening like a movie or concert or even a walk, we can go do that...

  • bbent819 ( 52W / Germantown, TN )


    I feel that our first date is somewhat limited for safeties sake, thereby the boring location. Beyond that I enjoy dinner and drinks while maybe listening to piano or other live music over a nice glass of Cab. Or take a  more>>

  • Beachrevival ( 45W / Royersford, PA )


    I'm up for anything! I'll do just about anything once. :)

  • maxforyou ( 53M / Los Angeles, CA )


    A romantic dinner would be great and I also find seeing a movie to be old school but still fancy it.

  • New_Beginnings_ ( 36W / Chicago, IL )


    How about meeting over a glass of wine or coffee and see if there's interest to learn more?

  • KittyK8 ( 29W / Toronto, ON )


    Walks Gaming event Driving range Coffee Drinks Lunch