First Date Ideas

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  • Lover3214 ( 26 / W / La Porte, TX )

    Dinner, ice cream, or a nice bar for some drinks.

  • Critter89 ( 28 / W / Australia )

    Max Brenner? Im not to fussy :)

  • IuliiaVitaliivna ( 37 / W / Kiev, Kyyiv, Misto )

    Open air close sea and music

  • positivo ( 33 / M / Netherlands )

    Keep it simple, drink or eat something.Find out together how to make your day because it is all about you girl..xxxx

  • Swt_n_sassy ( 31 / W / Henderson, CO )

    Something easy, not to stressful. Go for ice cream or coffee. See if we like each other, if we do then make plans for something a little more fun.

  • jenniferdonato ( 27 / W / Philippines )

    I want something very memorable. Something sweet. A moment that I will cherish and never will forget. Something like I will treasure for the rest of my life and will forever in my heart.

  • VeeJean ( 41 / W / Westfield, MA )

    We raid some absolutely ridiculously wonderful candy shop for all they got then eat it on the hood of the car while going over the mysteries of life/tell secrets of our own/reveal emabrassing childhood tales/etc.. Even i...  read more>>

  • Robicc ( 22 / M / Bolton Landing, NY )

    Night picnic somewhere quiet

  • anganz ( 42 / W / San Antonio, TX )


  • blackdicie ( 37 / W / Harts, WV )

    I want you to send for me n i want a week end with you , i want danceing n eating n alone time

  • withlove2015 ( 37 / W / Albuquerque, NM )

    I want to date a nice and real man who I will date as m first love of my life

  • Dhyshh ( 27 / W / Rancho Palos Verdes, CA )

    Simple but romantic :) i know first dates are always awkward but i am very talkative so don't be shy cause i am not shy :)

  • LittleLunaStar ( 23 / W / El Paso, TX )

    I'd love to go get a frozen treat together, it's always fun to discover what flavors you would like and just have conversation.

  • Jacobjohnson ( 24 / M / Denham Springs, LA )

    What ever you won't as long as your happy.I cook for you and go out to some movies.talking and geting to know each other.and all that good stuff..

  • johnsonmoore2 ( 37 / M / Torrance, CA )

    Me first love was racheal she Is from texas..I. Love her so much that I can do any think for so bad that I lose her,she die and have no kids for me