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  • blancayazmin ( 22W / New York, NY )


    Go for a drink, central park, go to a coffee shop, night sightseeing, going out for dinner, outdoor movie theater, museums, art, dancing

  • smithy2k15 ( 32M / Sunderland, England - Tyne and Wear )


    Id take you to cinema and for a meal and drink then walk you home

  • schavcovsky ( 22M / Fremont, California )


    How about we talk about it ? :)

  • poppycola ( 22W / Lithonia, GA )


    Surprise me study the small details about me and make me laugh and your on for a great start handsome !

  • Nicola2033 ( 28W / Prenton, England - Merseyside )


    so how about the Theme Park? a relaxed fun day topped off with a cheeky burger or to a more intermit setting in the booth of a restaurant somewhere?

  • Cityhall58 ( 21W / Rochester, MN )


    Going for a walk or a drive, watching old 60's TV shows on YouTube or some good gory horror movies or psychological thrillers on Netflix. Maybe going and getting something to eat if up to it

  • erika4 ( 41W / Pharr, TX )


    Anywhere we both will be. Comfortable at.

  • RedRose510 ( 28M / Las Vegas, NV )


    I love spontaneous things. Planning is nice but sometimes to wig it makes out to be a the greatest..

  • Texas512Goddess ( 23W / Austin, TX )


    I love going bowling for the first date

  • september2015 ( 35W / Milwaukee, WI )


    Slumber party! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ sleep gown tv bed popcorn πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠthis dosen't mean you are getting lucky.Im spontanious down to earth not everything has to be a dinner or a movie and not everytime you lay in bed has to ne sexual.

  • lilyalia ( 35W / Boucherville, QC )


    A quiet restaurant to get to know each other A nice walk or hiking

  • footyshubh ( 19M / India )


    a long ride thn a candle light dinner in a romantic place a dance n a walk along rain

  • Vbal0719 ( 20W / Phoenix, AZ )


    Something new and exciting! I love experiencing new things and always meeting new people!

  • erinbuckwinkel ( 19W / Evansville, IN )


    I like doing things fun and in the evening! I like dinner followed by a movie. Best of all is being with one another enjoying each others company.

  • Freshcaramel ( 32W / Williamsport, MD )


    Going out for dinner and a movie, or maybe playing golf or pool