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  • elvira123 ( 42W / Netherlands )


    Having a drink, get to know eachother and maybe to go out some place i never went before..

  • reeree1 ( 46W / Wilmington, DE )


    Walking on the beach together, dinner

  • CiaoMarBella ( 26W / Scottsdale, AZ )


    Our first day would be original. You'd take me somewhere that shows me you're fun, creative and clever. And, it'll be perfect, because we're both there.

  • PrettyPrivileged ( 19W / Milwaukee, WI )


    Someplace Quiet & Comfortable. A Laid back environment to get a better feel of you. Then the more active dates.. Bowling (even though I'm not so good) and so on😁

  • eboney_bella ( 35W / Gainesville, FL )


    Something sinister....something sneaky... Something to make us say wtf were we thinking!!!

  • Kay030 ( 26W / Johannesburg, Gauteng )


    To be able to get to know someone, the key is communication

  • ninabees ( 42W / Silver Spring, MD )


    Surprise me! I like being adventurous.

  • blacc2beauty ( 35W / National City, CA )


    Go walking learning more about one another possibly out to eat even a movie night

  • TylerNathan ( 21M / New Haven, MI )


    I enjoy taking out a girl who can see myself for who I really am and something I truly enjoy.

  • sanfordgirl06 ( 27W / Southern Pines, NC )


    I would enjoy a quiet dinner where we could get to know each other and then go somewhere fun. An amusement park, bowling or even mini golf :)

  • MzMurd3r ( 24W / Kingston, MI )


    I'm not picky. I'm happy going to my local redneck bars, the movies, or just a random drive. Even just dinner and movies at my place. I joke and laugh Alot, i seduce with my goofy awkwardness. Just a genuine fun night.

  • JessicaGR ( 24W / Swanley, England - London )


    I love a good cocktail bar but it would be fun to do something different and memorable.

  • phero_mones ( 37W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Arrive, engage, we'll go from there.

  • Fabypr ( 20W / Rock Hill )


    Something that will show who we really are.

  • ChuckBassG ( 23M / London, England - London )


    I dont know nothing about this city, I would like to walk arround, eat something and drink some glasses for after dance like i know ;)