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Playing sports / Games My favorite date ideas

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  • Flon2000 ( 57W / Greenville, OH )


    I think kayaking is a good first date

  • Kameo111 ( 45W / Tahoe City, CA )


    It is interesting to see someone play golf, when you do not know very much about them.

  • Emilykiss4 ( 20W / Muldrow, OK )


    I like exciting things like sports events, concerts, short trips and boating. I also like a quite dinner and a walk.

  • WBLMNMIFL ( 51M / Marco Island, FL )


    How about a cocktail on the dock and then maybe a ride on the boat?

  • Ojospar2 ( 38W / madrid, Madrid )


    Playing surf or any sport...I think playing is the best way to know people.. It´s like children, laughin and enjoing..Nice and great!

  • Kimberly1530 ( 53W / Carson City, NV )


    My first date preference would most definitely be a round of golf or a football/baseball game. You really get to know ones personality.

  • caraferg7 ( 36W / Spring, TX )


    I love the beach, so a picnic on the beach followed possibly by some surfing!

  • BackToBack ( 62M / Green Bay, WI )


    I'm a golf nut. The woman that finally lands me will have to be a golf nut too if we are ever to see each other. As such, it seems like the perfect venue to get to know someone.

  • myCaribbeanWIFE ( 37W / New York, NY )


    I'll allow you to take the lead and surprise me.

  • Scw600 ( 61W / Hailey, ID )


    Depending on the season, go skiing, hike, play tennis or golf (something active) followed by lunch or dinner.

  • kayleehobbs ( 21W / Lincoln, NE )


    I think playing a sport, playing a game,going for a walk is the best way to bond with someone. Although a lunch at a cafe would be nice as well

  • BelleB1 ( 27W / Grand Rapids, MI )


    I've been thinking lately I'd love to learn to golf and shoot; if you can teach me, I'd love a day at the range.

  • iluvsports ( 41W / Seattle, WA )


    I am seriously not picky about dates. I just love surprises especially when they involve something active.

  • theoneinamillion ( 44W / Edgewater, FL )


    My first date idea is not a quiet dinner and walk on the beach....sorry. I'm nervous on first dates and I would prefer that we 'do' something together. I want to talk and get to know you but I think it's better if it hap  more>>

  • Riaden ( 26M / Umeå, Vasterbottens Lan )


    to be with u hold hands and snuggle