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Playing sports / Games

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  • Mr_success ( 28M / Trenton, NJ )


    There are lots of dating ideas I have I have to name not that will not be fun so let me surprise you.

  • Irisheyes0830 ( 49W / Corona, CA )


    How about a hockey game? If not, anything that requires some movement, yelling, having fun! Sitting across from each other over coffee is boring...sorry.

  • bears2013 ( 49W / Indianapolis, IN )


    how about candlelight dinner a we can take a walk so we could get to know each other.

  • bogie4444 ( 54M / Charleston, SC )


    Ideally somewhere near a beach and somewhere we can walk and talk and get to know each other. Then a great dinner with good wine, stimulating conversation, and lots of laughter.

  • Jamonlew18 ( 37M / Charlotte, NC )


    I don't have any real first date ideas, what ever happens happen , i like to surprise and keep it fresh so to keep unpredictable things happen.

  • ebonimeeks22 ( 23W / Norfolk, VA )


    Some place where we can have fun and get to know one another.

  • raymondclinton ( 41M / New York, NY )


    I do not want to meet someone who may think that they will take advantage of me, or lie to me and cheat on me under false pretenses.

  • listenupmister ( 29W / West Roxbury, MA )


    I enjoy casino games including playing and watching poker. So, trips to Mohegan and Foxwoods have been a most enjoyable activity. For the record

  • BritishSwan ( 48M / North Las Vegas, NV )


    We could Roller blade having fun and enjoying the company. Jet ski on the water together. Mountain bike on the trails We can work out together at the gym and get sweaty. Cook dinner together.

  • cobretti ( 47M / imola, Emilia-Romagna )


    restaurant and dance in Monaco........ luxury hotel:)

  • MeetYourMan ( 58M / Flagstaff, AZ )


    Possibly inviting her to come and play a round of golf with me, followed by a nice dinner and wine, nice conversation etc. Or maybe riding down to Sedona, AZ and walking the shops, or doing a little hiking along the Oak  more>>

  • nikki662001 ( 48W / Charlotte, NC )


    Laying o n beach looking at stars

  • Joanie1949 ( 65W / South Royalton, VT )


    Rent a canoe and survey the water for wildlife. and stop for a picnic!

  • Mcstarrs ( 53W / Lake Orion, MI )


    Something fun and busy! I love to be active and being outdoors. Bowling, bocce ball, golfing (learning how)..LOL! Wine tasting and chatting about life.

  • Littlerexoxox ( 37W / Oakdale, CA )


    I like to be surprised :) so its up to tou real