First Date Ideas

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  • Giantharp ( 68 / W / Destin, FL )

    Casual lunch with enough quiet to talk. View of water would be good.

  • vanilliaaa ( 28 / W / Riga )

    Some nice restaurant with glass of good red wine! In nice company of strong and beautiful man!

  • Looking4U66 ( 50 / W / Cornelius, NC )

    My first date idea would be having lunch to get to know each other better.

  • cbbelle ( 68 / W / Metairie, LA )

    I think we should meet for coffee or lunch and have a great conversation to get to know one another.

  • Tweetypie64 ( 52 / W / Leesburg, FL )

    I would like to have lunch at a restaurant on the ocean so after we finish we can take a walk on the beach and talk without interruptions so can we can get to know one another better

  • exurberant ( 59 / W / Malvern, England - Worcestershire )

    Lunch, looking out to sea, or somewhere looking out at mountains.. then have a walk afterwards.

  • NSW3740 ( 41 / W / Paddington, New South Wales )

    IF weather permits - a Walk on a Beach would be Beautiful - for Me, - Nerisa.

  • TomKansas ( 64 / M / Leawood, KS )

    Coffee or Coke first, giving both of us the ability to easily pass.

  • Bigfoot17 ( 47 / M / Victor, MT )

    A nice lunch in a quiet restaurant so we can talk and not have to yell to communicate. Have the time to sit and talk and not have a rush to go. If not interested at lunch, it's ok to say it and leave. I'd repect that ove...  read more>>

  • kemgem ( 60 / W / Loxahatchee, FL )

    Meet up for lunch, check each other out, talk get an idea about one another to see if we even have enough common interests and history to pursue another meetup.

  • SweetElaine ( 45 / W / Fishers, IN )

    Picnic at a park

  • Tressy07 ( 24 / W / Cork, Cork )

    my first date should be nice and that person should be friendly and know how to chart with a girl for a first date that's what I want a that person to be on the first date am easy going nice smart and sexy

  • ArmenianGal ( 38 / W / Northridge, CA )

    Let's have lunch at a nice, out of the way place without the distractions of large crowds and noise. I want to be able to hear our conversation. ; )

  • WhiteLadybug ( 28 / W / El Paso, TX )

    A Show or Legitimate Charity Event ;)

  • muddyplay ( 57 / M / Greenwood, AR )

    )K! Got to the next page great for use [well maybe] Ok lets clear the mined try to picture this Just getting done with lunch. Things went great now we walk outside both standing there looking at one another and all at on...  read more>>