First Date Ideas

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  • soulmateplease ( 61 / W / Cordova, TN )

    Where I go on a first date doesn't really matter, as long as it is with someone I want to be with.

  • Katevlln224 ( 50 / W / Madison, WI )

    My favorite first date would be an exciting surprise at a horse event that includes dinner and maybe a nice flower arrangement!~

  • Kelaroo ( 48 / W / Houston, TX )

    I prefer to be spontaneous. If the company is right we'll have a great time doing anything, or nothing at all! We can always just start with a glass of wine and conversation and go from there. That might be all we need!

  • trislo ( 24 / W / Cypress, TX )

    My ideal first date would be low key, quiet, simple with lots of conversation. Maybe a casual dinner and drinks? I'll let you decide! ;)

  • Rdwood5717 ( 59 / M / Las Vegas, NV )

    That first date, OH!, you mean the awkward interview, when two people, who do not know each other, meet at a specified time and place, to conduct one. Frankly, I am of the opinion that the woman should decide the venue...  read more >>

  • ruberry1 ( 41 / W / Santa Monica, CA )

    No where too rowdy because I would need to talk over noises to hear my own voice.

  • _TheDocisin ( 37 / M / Miami Beach, FL )

    We fly to Costa Rica and hike along the coast, until we find a secluded beach. Picking coconuts, bodysurfing in the waves, and one thing leads to another -- suddenly we’re on board a “borrowed” 120-foot yacht heade...  read more >>

  • saroj_bhai ( 27 / M / Ingolstadt, Bayern )

    and give me some constructive advice. I am the real deal, but I don't seem to get any interest. I am not interested in flings, so maybe that is the problem. I am looking for a long term relationship with someone who is r...  read more >>

  • Shinemoon1 ( 34 / W / Southsea, England - Hampshire )

    Fine dining and/or engaging outdoor activities

  • Robyberto ( 30 / M / melbourne, Australian Capital Territory )

    I love cuddle :)

  • Brooklynn0917 ( 22 / W / Bothell, WA )

    watching the sunset with someone, sitting in front of a fire, and staying warm in spa tubs.

  • Quella2250 ( 25 / W / Baton Rouge, LA )

    Doesn't have to be fancy just a romantic and thoughtful Venue where we can explore each others mind and spirit.

  • PrettyEyedLibra ( 34 / W / Catonsville, MD )

    Very simple... Something where we can just enjoy each other's company.

  • LadyAmara ( 46 / W / Gosford, Australian Capital Territory )

    Surprise me! Happy to have a coffee, or be wild. Make a suggestion, at worst, I will say no! LOL

  • NancyMo ( 46 / W / Fort Mill, SC )

    No pressure just hanging out trying to get to know one another and enjoy!