Fun Date Ideas

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  • nJoyn17 ( 36 / W / Beaverton, OR )

    Ideal weekday, wakeup feeling safe and healthy, have workday goals scheduled, morning workout- bar method, vibration plate, cold plunge, juice tonics and herbs, coffee elixer. Look and feel juicy, bc it feels good. Accom...  read more >>

  • Carmen1962 ( 55 / W / Middlebury, VT )

    Coffee or a drink? Perhaps a walk or hike first? Maybe lunch. If there is a connection there, maybe do it all!

  • DavidLovesLife ( 47 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    I do believe fun comes from who you are with rather than what you are doing or where you are meeting. Good company makes any experience a great time. However, two can never go wrong meeting for the restaurant at a charmi...  read more >>

  • music4mbs ( 39 / W / Princeton, WV )

    I will have something to do with our passions and things we love, for example I love coffee and perhaps you do as well...we meet for coffee. I am a singer/songwriter and love open mic, a concert, or just jammi...  read more >>

  • RKM1163 ( 53 / W / North Bondi, New South Wales )

    I have no preconceived idea about the perfect first date - it's the connection between two people that makes it good or bad - the setting is irrelevant - I will know it when I have it!!!

  • greentara2017 ( 53 / W / Kirkland, WA )

    let the man show ideas

  • Chris2017R ( 37 / M / Irving, TX )

    I like to grill steaks and pork chops, or even hot links. Top it off with a nice pumpkin pie, Red velvet with nuts, or silk pie. Of course add some nice wine, conversation and i dont' watch much TV however, on this occas...  read more >>

  • Megsmolly7 ( 30 / W / Avon, IN )

    Whatever the man see's fit. I would like to volunteer at homeless shelters, read to sick or foster children, dine somewhere different, and do something spontaneous!

  • staciaEM ( 48 / W / San Luis Obispo, CA )

    Horse races, a dirt bike or atv ride followed by lunch or dinner, DANCING.

  • MMM1980 ( 37 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    Sky diving or a hot air balloon ride. That is my story book perfect first date..:)

  • Bella074 ( 42 / W / Upper Marlboro, MD )

    In the digital age, sometimes online dating can be very challenging. In an effort to ensure that the true "first date" is comfortable with the void of surprises, I offer the opportunity for at least an initial...  read more >>

  • Andrea_cze ( 24 / W / Brno, Brnensky Kraj )

    Something fun and memorable.

  • Synthie ( 53 / M / Herdecke, Nordrhein-Westfalen )

    In einem netten Cafe

  • Saved7 ( 55 / W / Edgware, England - London )

    Just turn up! Looool

  • MoonlightC ( 32 / W / bern, Bern )

    Depends on common interests!