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  • msliggins ( 37 / W / Dallas, TX )

    My first date I would lover to talkin get to know each other drink an what ever the night brings

  • cashmeredarnell ( 39 / W / Detroit, MI )

    My first date may be Dinner and a movie or something we both agree on...maybe Drinks....and a lil conversation...to see if theres a connection....if so...GREAT!.START!....😄IF IM WAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR...IM HERE....

  • Sweetsoul91 ( 24 / W / Australia )

    I honestly would not care where the date is as long as it is with someone i am comfortable with.

  • RocketDen01 ( 46 / M / Vanier, ON )

    Meet for a drink talk about each other see we have anything incommune if yes / astage for second date exchange phone number email xxo

  • Letme900 ( 35 / M / Chicago, IL )

  • kholbie ( 35 / W / Manhattan Beach, CA )

    Dinner, beach, workout, movies, lunch, shopping

  • ito1978 ( 35 / M / Pittsfield, MA )

    Out in puerto rico enjoying life.god blessing on thats first date fir real

  • heavenlynight ( 54 / M / Gulfport, MS )

    Well its been a while sence my dateing days but dinner and some drinks music good laughs for an ice braker would be nice then maybe some slow danceing nice drive along the beach and look at the lights and make some spark  more>>

  • greeneyedblonde5 ( 56 / W / Thomasville, GA )

    Meet for drinks or coffee to get to know one another! Then go from there!

  • Socalbeachgal ( 52 / W / Hermosa Beach, CA )

    Coffee, drinks, dinner, walk, lets meet soon as our profiles only tell so little....face to face can tell so much! Is there chemistry? Is there a first kiss?

  • CravinRavin ( 24 / W / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    Click Immediately and a casual drink. A funny movie, cuddling!

  • simplymagical333 ( 38 / W / San Diego, CA )

    Coffee, drinks, lunch or dinner. The first date is all about evaluating chemistry. For me, chemistry is everything. If we have chemistry and amazing conversations, the sky is the limit.

  • mylordsully ( 35 / M / Vista, CA )

    Go site seeing to sum out side sceanary.go to a bar or lounge talk a lil have a drink or 2 then go walkn n moretalkn then we.ll go to restaurant after we eat go to movies from there we.ll c wer the night takes us sexy :)

  • Niki1357 ( 32 / W / Swindon, England - Wiltshire )

    Casual drink some where nice.where we could chat and get to know eachother.

  • Jojo_2015 ( 35 / W / Arlington, VA )

    Drinks, dinner, maybe some light music in the background. Looking for an intro