First Date Ideas

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  • PersianSeduction ( 44 / W / Hayward, CA )

    A never ending conversation.

  • ladyladyann ( 28 / W / Kelowna, BC )

    I love to eat so obviously my ideal first date would be at a restaurant. A picnic works too, any romantic setting with food and continuous laughter is perfect. Lol 🙈😁

  • Tkadeepbreath ( 54 / W / Cleveland, GA )

    I love to go to nice restaurants that have good service and atmosphere. It's perfect for conversation and getting to know someone. Suites me fine.

  • msmatch ( 51 / W / Wayne, WV )

    A nice, quiet dinner where we can talk and actually listen to one another.

  • Dudu1986 ( 30 / W / Barcelona, Andalucia )

    Candlelight diner and the take a walk on the beach x

  • clointo ( 35 / W / Toronto, ON )

    Not a fan of movies on a first, second or third date as there isn't much connecting involved.

  • Elaine_K ( 60 / W / Alcester, England - Warwickshire )

    For me, romantic dinner would be welcoming in a lovely surround, where I can get my glad rags on.

  • POSH25 ( 26 / W / zurich, Zurich )

    somewhere Lovely

  • Secretsoul ( 44 / W / Aurora, IL )

    Casual, fun place where we can talk for hours if we choose to! I walk in and you fall off your chair!

  • funfitnactive ( 60 / M / Dublin, OH )

    From a high end restaurant, wine and champagne to jerk chicken on a remote Jamaican roadside stand with an ice cold Red Stripe beer, it's not WHAT you're doing but WHO you're with that counts! oh, and beautiful, artistic...  read more>>

  • STARR52 ( 52 / W / Henderson, NV )

    i love the lighting of candles it set's the mood for romance and comfort. With that being said, my favorite meals are seafood,chicken vegetables mash pototoes pretty much really anything I would eat, long as it's healthy...  read more>>

  • Pigeon14 ( 76 / W / Houston, TX )

    How about we have a candlelight dinner and then a nice walk on the beach.

  • Tammy2017 ( 50 / W / Cumberland, MD )

    How about we go to dinner have a glass of wine and go out dancing?...

  • Athena_Brianne ( 26 / W / Palm Springs, CA )

    To me a first date has to be about good food, a nice atmosphere, something you can relax in and enjoy the company and get to know each other without too many expectations.

  • Harvard94 ( 22 / M / Lancaster, CA )

    I'm up for anything. Dinner or coffee it doesn't matter as long as you pick up the bill.