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  • flowerses ( 65W / Australia )


    Going out for dinner. Dress appr. and be a gentleman

  • Dynamitee ( 28W / Calgary, AB )


    Anything goes, we would figure out together.

  • mightywoman ( 28W / Saint Louis, MO )


    Dinner a movie laugh talk and enjoy the day are night

  • cinnabun1 ( 32W / Los Angeles, CA )


    I like to be surprised.I am a southern girl so its the little things that make me happy

  • lamatraca ( 41W / Lawrenceville, GA )


    It is very important for me to have a good chemistry with my partner and have excellent communication.My first day I would go to dinner to share good communication.

  • CharlieFLL ( 50W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    Some where I have not experienced as yet.

  • llisinthehouse ( 45W / Anacortes, WA )


    Lunch dinner someplace quiet where we can talk and make sure we can communicate well.

  • shove29 ( 31W / Dublin, Dublin )


    At the beach..... walking at the seashore while holding hands....

  • CharlesWhite ( 20M / Jacksonville, FL )


    On my first date i would love to go out to dinner then take a long walk on the beach and watch the sun set and just talk and laugh. Then when the date is over he walks me to my door and we have a good night kiss.

  • deannie4465 ( 43W / Denton, TX )


    Dinner at nice restaurant where we can talk and get to know each other. Then maybe for a drink after if we hit it off:)

  • sgtmarkrice ( 40M / Spencer, WI )


    Oxford mississippi, any where you want cause I belive in my self

  • lala087 ( 28W / Apopka, FL )


    Dinner because after a few minutes of talking you can learn alot about someone. than maybe after dinner a walk or the movies. depending how it goes even Dave and busters

  • bigskymorgan ( 58M / Dallas, TX )


    First date is a great dinner paired with a fine wine hopefully watching the sunset over the ocean, or snow falling in the mountains.with a fireplace burning.

  • Sakamotoshahar ( 34M / Japan )


    I live in Tokyo oftenly travel around the world

  • Paquan ( 43W / Richmond, VA )


    I always enjoy a quiet dinner to get to know one another.