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Dates that make a difference

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  • Arwen_v ( 29W / Rio, Rio de Janeiro )


    I want a calm and chic date in a fancy place where we can spent a totally romantic time.

  • mrembo1980 ( 34W / Perth, Western Australia )


    I want unique date to remember so surprise me but hear is catch not everyone own a date with me so you have to prove to me your worthy while.

  • kzaid84 ( 30W / Irving, TX )


    Anywhere that we can enjoy getting to know each other and laugh a lot.

  • Misami92 ( 21W / Minneapolis, MN )


    Like many other girls I love adventure and romance, and I believe that some of this has disappeared from current dating life. Flowers will always get the evening going the right way, and even though I always like trying  more>>

  • yanteperry ( 34W / Singapore )


    candle light dinner for just the 2 of us...

  • MaggieJoon ( 43W / Houston, TX )


    The right music in the right venue can provide the perfect ratio of conversation to pleasant distraction. .... don't you agree?

  • chocolatesyrup ( 33W / West Orange, NJ )


    Depends on the time of day, but somewhere nice and cozy where we can have a long chat and drink and get to know a bit or as much about each other

  • Bela4536 ( 32W / Miami, FL )


    Picnic in the park or a nice lunch or grab some ice cream, any place where we can talk and get to know each other.

  • Wellmind ( 47W / Studio City, CA )


    I totally like the example here " dine at underground restaurant" I don't care about the chef as long as the food is special. Otherwise, I rather stay home and cook, which I totally love!

  • oneicychickett7 ( 27W / Long Beach, CA )


    An environment that is neutral to both parties is usually conducive to getting to know one another in a non biased fashion. I'll tell you what is not a great date idea for getting to know someone...any type of activity t  more>>

  • mrsrose1990 ( 23W / San Dimas, CA )


    My first dates I prefer a man to take me out on a nice fancy dinner date to a very pleasant restaurant where we can get to know one another.

  • AmeliaWinter ( 20W / Thornhill, ON )


    First date is always different. No matter is fine dine or just coffee date, it's the person that matters.

  • ladytamara2014 ( 47W / Melbourne, Victoria )


    I prefer to discuss mutual possibilities or to be pleasantly surprised

  • Freshstart7550 ( 47M / Saint Michael, PA )


    The joining of two souls as the journey to know each other. No place, any place, everywhere

  • MsTrimeshia30 ( 30W / Dallas, TX )


    Movies, wine, picnic, something romantic