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  • SheLovesBooks81 ( 34W / Vero Beach, FL )


    A leisurely brunch alongside the ocean on a sunny day with a warm breeze, complimented by a walk in the sand with the water kissing our toes.

  • claseylady21 ( 41W / West Valley City, UT )


    My first date was dinner and a movie ...

  • Hearts_desire1 ( 51W / Columbia, SC )


    I pick "brunch" because I think there's more opportunities, time wise, and just in case you're a man who's absolutely tide up for mornings.

  • Rdy4Fam ( 30W / North Hollywood, CA )


    I'd be happy with just drinks or a great brunch spot and good conversation.

  • luluwright ( 19W / Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal )


    I'd like to wake up very early so we can have brunch with a lot of time and then pay for a city tour of the hometown of one of us to get to know places we even noticed they were there.

  • krislove ( 34W / Elk Grove, CA )


    It would be nice to have brunch and then see where the day takes us... Maybe to dinner...

  • mizzybae ( 23W / Sandy, UT )


    My first ideal date would be any place that we could hold a conversation. Movies don't allow me to get to know you on a emotional or mental level. Anyone can have physical connection but it takes so much more to have an  more>>

  • Jae9024 ( 24W / Richmond, VA )


    Something simple. Creative but not too complex. Just be original. I'm not hard to please. Something that will make me day wow I wouldn't have expected this. :)

  • caramelleMo ( 29W / Rome, Lazio )


    Humm, I'm into new experiences, so maybe something both you and I haven't tried ,yet, so at the very least we will have some pleasant memory from the encounter: ( pottery/cooking class, wine tasting, visiting a new galle  more>>

  • Jellybeanknees ( 28W / Austin, TX )


    Bacon and mimosas! What could be better for a first date?!

  • antonitte ( 27W / North Hollywood, CA )


    My first date will be food fun and Movies

  • PositiveVibrant ( 25W / New York, NY )


    Breakfast is always a good way to learn about someone. Over a cup of coffee and muffins. Or over a glass of wine and calamari

  • Sunnybrown826 ( 22W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Drinking wine and talking about ourselves, nothing too serious. We are relaxed because of the wine, sunny outside, perfect weather for first date. And We will laugh at each other's jokes.

  • Tleaf123 ( 49W / Denver, CO )


    We'll find a cozy booth and get to know each other a bit. I do put mustard on my hashbrowns. Afterward, we can go for a walk or visit the art museum.

  • springdaisy ( 23W / San Jose, CA )


    A first date should be light-hearted and relaxed and I can't think of anything more easygoing than this. We can sit outside and take our time with the food. Enjoy the morning together while people watching.