First Date Ideas

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  • lovelyneko ( 49 / W / osaka, Osaka )

    I love nature, sea , Mt, Park anywere fine just walking with you.

  • SerenityNWisdom ( 36 / W / Dallas, TX )

    A hike and then a picnic on the beach or in a park.

  • KCornelius ( 38 / W / Burlington, ON )

    I would love to go for a walk and get to know each other however, here in Canada, that is dependent on the season. If we are in the winter months, I would rather go for a coffee or tea as a first date.

  • lalaloopy ( 34 / W / Kelowna, BC )

    First date pretty simple anywhere we can walk, drink hot chocolate and get to know each other ,also skating is a good one and I am not very good so it will give you a laugh.

  • MarleneAce ( 26 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    Something outdoor having to do with nature relaxing good food and poetry night

  • mikkiannfox ( 21 / W / Lakeville, MN )

    I don't have a ideal first date. I feel more myself being out in nature but I also like to dress up and go someone place fancy every once in awhile.

  • Revalencia ( 53 / W / San Antonio, TX )

    Lunch would be nice but hiking or biking would be nice.

  • christina216 ( 20 / W / Dayton, OH )

    When i think of first date I think of a place where we can get to know each other so for that being said a nice breakfast, bruch, or dinner.

  • fxdwg1584 ( 51 / M / Sault Ste. Marie, ON )

    Well I think for a first date we would go out in public..maybe go for a walk. We could talk and get to know each other...and when the time is right we could hold hands. I would love too feel the warmth of my lady's hand  more>>

  • markheath ( 48 / M / Waverly, FL )

    Talking getting to know one another and really see if I can find true happiness .... True love.... Something to live and if. It die for..... Heart to heart

  • Simboba ( 25 / M / San Diego, CA )

    I believe it is extremely important to know who you're dating before getting to close and personal, so for that reason walking or hiking is my ideal first date.

  • kboy123 ( 25 / M / New Zealand )

    just get to know you.... go for a coffe or a long walk by the beach

  • ceciljooste ( 20 / M / South Africa )

    TO be honest I'd prefer my first date should be on the beach to take long walks on the beach and get to know each other while having amazing conversations and having the chance to see the sun go down .

  • chiden ( 30 / M / South Africa )

    Taking a tour, swimming fun, cooking exhibition, sweating fun

  • wingerdrummer ( 23 / M / Spring Valley, NY )

    I love to take a walk on the beach, and after then eat something good, this is a Good chance to speak to each other