First Date Ideas

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  • LingerieLady ( 55 / W / Bromsgrove, England - Worcestershire )

    I think a long country walk is the best way to get to know someone. If we are enjoying each other's company enough we could stop at a local pub for some lunch.

  • GoldenLove1 ( 39 / M / Mandeville, Manchester )

    What better way to become bonded than to walk hand in hand along the shores of an exquisite beach on a crystal clear day?! Just imagine, as we both stroll gracefully as the soothing wind envelopes our bodies pushing them...  read more>>

  • Abitha ( 34 / W / Australia )

    Dinner out is the ideal, however I find you can discuss more without any of the awkward pauses when the other person is walking alongside you.. with a coffee and an almond croissant in hand of course.

  • aliceuw2016 ( 31 / W / New York, NY )

    Walking the High Line from beginning to end. And at the end... awkwardly trying to come up with other places to go, because you just don't want to leave..

  • Cowboi808 ( 40 / M / Kamuela, HI )

    May be take a walk or hike to see the beautiful. Waterfalls that the valley has to offer

  • MimiNM ( 22 / W / Reading, England - Berkshire )

    A nice walk on the beach, or Hiking.

  • Susannewport ( 46 / W / Newport, RI )

    Take a walk with me by the ocean or a state park...

  • SpirituallyHappy ( 41 / M / Madera, CA )

    How about a hike up a mountain. (Ex. Lassen peak, clouds rest- Yosemite national park.) Have a wonderful Picknick on top of rose peddles. If connected we could feed each other.

  • mtlwrkrbynite ( 53 / M / Holyoke, MA )

    several places in western ma. to go and enjoy quiet times with awesome scenery

  • Burland_East ( 57 / M / La Jolla, CA )

    Torrey Pines State Park never fails to amaze me. Their are hundreds of great bars and restaurants along the beach and the beach is always a fun day.

  • XFerreira ( 34 / W / Como, Lombardia )

    just going out for a walk on the lake or on the beach, talking

  • englishrose03 ( 31 / W / Denver, CO )

    something low key and chill, a good natter and a hike is always fun

  • sunflower427 ( 51 / W / Asheville, NC )

    i enjoy meeting someone over an activity where conversation flows naturally; if there is mutual interest it can be followed by lunch, dinner or a glass of wine or beer.

  • cristina71 ( 44 / W / Mount Laurel, NJ )

    My ideal first date is to get lost in conversation and enjoy the time together.....

  • MsNSmith ( 35 / W / Baltimore, MD )

    A picnic in a lovely park where we can take a stroll afterward.