First Date Ideas

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  • Burland_East ( 56 / M / La Jolla, CA )

    Torrey Pines State Park never fails to amaze me. Their are hundreds of great bars and restaurants along the beach and the beach is always a fun day.

  • Noneoftheabove ( 56 / M / Pahrump, NV )

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are a must for a first date.

  • Berenique ( 47 / W / Hallandale, FL )

    Maybe a drink and a walk on a beach watching sunset and listening to the sound of the waves....

  • XFerreira ( 34 / W / Como, Lombardia )

    just going out for a walk on the lake or on the beach, talking

  • englishrose03 ( 31 / W / Denver, CO )

    something low key and chill, a good natter and a hike is always fun

  • sunflower427 ( 51 / W / Asheville, NC )

    i enjoy meeting someone over an activity where conversation flows naturally; if there is mutual interest it can be followed by lunch, dinner or a glass of wine or beer.

  • keithdb ( 58 / M / Bozeman, MT )

    Maybe not the first date, but an ideal date would be a day on the river. It would include lots of sunscreen because it would be a perfect day and a perfect lunch with a bottle of wine.

  • cristina71 ( 44 / W / Mount Laurel, NJ )

    My ideal first date is to get lost in conversation and enjoy the time together.....

  • Mustbefunny32 ( 31 / W / Lemoore, CA )

    I think a nice walk to take in the scenery would be a nice way to get to know each other better. Perhaps a trip to the zoo would even allow for us to talk, joke, and just see if the chemistry is right while joking around...  read more>>

  • MsNSmith ( 34 / W / Baltimore, MD )

    A picnic in a lovely park where we can take a stroll afterward.

  • RetiredEarly2015 ( 46 / M / Beverly Hills, CA )

    A hike is always a great way to connect with someone in the great outdoors.

  • elseyk700 ( 35 / M / Indianapolis, IN )

    go for short stroll at a park then lunch discuss likes commons

  • waxwing ( 24 / W / Macomb, MI )

    I love walking. I love walking around town, I love walking on the beach, hiking is my first love. I think just grabbing food and then going for a walk afterwards is one of the best ways to get to know somebody.

  • Martinromantic ( 19 / M / Schaffhausen, Schaffhausen )

    I would make a Walk to an Historic Castle and sit on the Cafe with an wounderful look over the River

  • SkylarL ( 35 / W / Lisbon, Lisboa )

    Maybe a walk on the beach..