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  • Encanto (35W/Phoenix, AZ)


    I totally love outdoors. I love the beach, candles, and seafood. Love taking pictures.

  • lilasol (29W/Seskarö, Troms)


    ex. idea..do some swimming in Ocean near Seycellerna

  • powerpeople (39W/Altamonte Springs, FL)


    Walking on the moon. Coffee, tea, culinary delights. Relaxing together in peace of mind and soul. Exploring, observing, discovering. Every cell and dna comes alive. Classy, safe, no pressure, respectful boundaries.

  • irinalayline (49W/Brooklyn, NY)


    can we fly to the Moon?! It should be beautiful view from there

  • Dayana01 (28W/Hallandale, FL)


    I would love to go for a walk at the beach or somewhere near water where is peaceful and relaxing .

  • nr66799 (41W/Windermere, FL)


    Anywhere - Concert, Park, Restaurant

  • sugarfoot2014 (36W/Kingsport, TN)


    i love talking so if u r long distance our first date could be skyping

  • I meet very and send the feeling

  • seximami24 (24W/San Diego, CA)


    Somewhere romantic just the two of us no one to disturbed us

  • modelfashionista (26W/Miami Beach, FL)


    How about before we actually go on our first date, we visualize how much fun we would have together in each others lives.

  • norfleet14 (34W/Uniontown, AL)


    Looking for a God-fearing man....enjoy life

  • mountaingal2001 (60W/Albuquerque, NM)


    Meditation, followed by gentle conversation, respectful inquiry. Or a nice shared meal in a natural setting with good conversation.

  • andreii333 (49M/Duchanbe, Khatlon)


    as you're happy for me it does not matter

  • stephie87 (27W/Longueuil, QC)


    regarder moi et dis moi plusssss

  • Sophisticated_Z (38W/London, England - London)


    Just tell me what to wear (dress/gown) & you will treat me all that I'm worth..