First Date Ideas

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  • ImAClassyLady ( 28 / W / San Francisco, CA )

    It would be nice to meet someone and also explore around the city or town.

  • Rumbina ( 31 / W / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Because I love listening to some one speak out of the norm. My first preferred date would be a simple walk in the park or on the bay, on a lovely Saturday morning

  • Syntol ( 60 / W / New Smyrna Beach, FL )

    Outdoors, a breeze in the air, laughter, and song!

  • nurseholiday ( 37 / W / Parkville, MD )

    I'd like it to be someplace casual that helps me learn more about him. Someplace he finds interesting, so that he can can educate me about something new.

  • DeAndre4u ( 32 / M / Houston, TX )

    i would like to have a picnic in a cool location surrounded by beautiful gardens and wildlife. and just get to know each other better and just relax and hold each other and massage each other very peaceful relaxing setti...  read more >>

  • OVienna ( 31 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    Dinner, drinks, good conversation (very important!)

  • Chicalafolie12 ( 32 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    A walk in the park...I like the idea of being outdoors, most likely won't need to be all dressed up to impress. Just comfort and a true self.

  • Jessica_Alice_Br ( 26 / W / San Francisco, CA )

    What do u thinking about a first date in Venice, in a fantastic and romantic city when us are walking under a full star night?

  • Harleygrl2016 ( 43 / W / Center Conway, NH )

    I'm up for most anything; meet for a drink, or motorcycle ride and walk on the beach...

  • debbie4200 ( 62 / W / Connelly Springs, NC )

    If you ride, we could go for a ride, stop to eat lunch/dinner, ride some more. Stop to take photos. I love riding on the parkway in the summer. I also love riding to the beach in SC, no helmet required.

  • 19melissa65 ( 51 / W / Hollidaysburg, PA )

    A nice dinner and a walk in the park.

  • Bookssmart ( 42 / W / Herndon, VA )

    First date African Safari!

  • Suesie1 ( 59 / W / Charleston, WV )

    Would like to travel, sightsee some and share in the adventure of "us".

  • Author_KerriganT ( 43 / W / Goshen, IN )

    My ideal first date would be anything where we can talk and get to know one another, so dinner, sightseeing, a walk, the museum, etc.

  • Dropss ( 26 / W / Milton Keynes, England - Buckinghamshire )

    I love lots of lights, anywhere that have lots of Beautiful lights