First Date Ideas

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  • seawolf974 ( 42 / M / Pasadena, TX )

    My #1 dream is to take my girl on a date in Hallstat Austria.

  • LookGoodOnUrArm ( 32 / W / Burgettstown, PA )

    Anywhere the imagination takes u. I love nature and the looks of clouds! A picnic even or candle light over the mid day skies!

  • NSpice00 ( 34 / W / Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    I like outdoors..

  • Namikee ( 50 / W / Algoma, WI )

    With Autumn in the air a nice trip to Door County Wi. Would be nice.

  • Winonabug ( 19 / W / Grand Meadow, MN )

    Traveling to anywhere with an amazing view. Fall dates are the best, the leaves change color, temperature gets cooler, atmosphere is more romantic.

  • golfwoman ( 59 / W / Guelph, ON )

    My first date would be someone who is willing and ready to try new things, I am very open to the world and i am ready to learn.

  • hunnies74 ( 42 / W / Oslo, Oslo )

    I'd love to go somewhere where the environment makes the date more natural as to be sitting opposite each other having an "interview".

  • Chocolate005 ( 34 / W / Brighton, MA )

    A nice quiet walk in the park, on the beach would be an amazing date for me. I would be able to talk with my date and get to know them better

  • elegant1115 ( 40 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    I enjoy private candle lite dinners in a nice restaurant. I especially, enjoy great conversation with a down to earth and fun guy who's not pushy. It wouldn't matter if we were at a Museum or a Park as long as it's quiet...  read more>>

  • SimplySweet65 ( 51 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    I think the best first date would be somewhere public but quite so we can talk and get to know each other.

  • Happyheartfirst ( 68 / W / Fort Washington, MD )

    Take a stroll sightseeing at a favorite Museum, Gallery or Harbor such as the famous National Harbor in Maryland.

  • Sugacoated25 ( 31 / W / Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    I love adventures and going places I've never been to. Since I'm not Johannesburg born, how about you surprise me to different sights that we can see together?

  • Kodi759 ( 23 / M / Bend, OR )

    I love being outside to take in as much natural scenery as possible. And at night, I love looking at the city lights.

  • Gabrielle_00 ( 28 / W / Casuarina, Australian Capital Territory )

    Somewhere in the outdoors.

  • soulsearchng2016 ( 36 / W / Marion, IN )

    My ideal first date would be completely up to the man. I love to be surprised and I am a sucker for an adventure. I'm very open to new ideas!