First Date Ideas

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  • ACEofSPADES16 ( 26 / W / Brisbane, Queensland )

    Let's have fun. Let's just get something simple for dinner, - a pizza, maybe burgers, or even fish&chips - and enjoy our meal outside, beneath a dark sky sprinkled with stars, before heading somewhere just 'cause.Don't p...  read more>>

  • Keke876 ( 18 / W / Kingston, KingstonSaint John )

    We go to dinner first where it is quiet so we can explore each others interest then we just enjoy the rest of the night doing random activities

  • dianam0321 ( 30 / W / Miami Beach, FL )

    I love first dates that are unique. Dinner and movie is always nice, but I think you learn a lot more about person when you're doing something active.

  • niceduck ( 32 / W / Santee, CA )

    I'm not sure what "random nighttime activities" means, exactly... but it sounds like some risque, tawdry, naughty thing, right? I suppose, though, that it could just mean, "random nighttime activities!&quo...  read more>>

  • LittleWolf9 ( 35 / M / Riviere-Heva, QC )

    love, hug, cuddles, petting, kissing

  • Carina777 ( 28 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    I leave it up to my man...I like to be pleasantly surprised...

  • rahulsex ( 35 / M / India )

    i like reach sexy women housewife i dont expiriyance 1 time i join so co-oparate me

  • tiredoftheplainl ( 41 / W / Corbin, KY )

    Surprise me!

  • Sav1313 ( 67 / W / Savannah, GA )

    Walking, talking and getting to know more about each other

  • AP1230 ( 30 / W / Minneapolis, MN )

    I think meeting in that setting gets one out of their comfort zone but also comfortable. There's no need to impress with clothes and things. Just sweat, laughter, and conversation

  • lauraellis246078 ( 23 / W / St. Neots, England - Huntingdonshire )

    im a get up and go kind of girl I hate being stuck inside! so even a 3:00am stroll through the park will be great!

  • SxyChoclateBiz ( 35 / W / Allentown, PA )

    My ideal date would be a combination of two dates in one night. I'd love for my date to send flowers early in the day with instructions as to what he'd like me to wear for our date that evening. I love for him to send a...  read more>>

  • QueenOfPentacles ( 45 / W / Saint Paul, MN )

    Help me shoot a time-lapse of a sunset at a Lake. Really all you have to do is help me carry the tripod. The camera runs for 45 minutes. We can drink some tea, chat a while. Then maybe go get a bite somewhere. Plan B wou...  read more>>

  • todvayler ( 25 / M / Nice, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur )

    A candlelight Dinner would be amazing, but then too much planning may ruin everything. A spontaneous night time activity would not be a bad idea.

  • janedoesut1 ( 34 / W / West Valley City, UT )

    See who can make the other person laugh so hard they pee their pants.