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Random Nighttime Activities

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  • savvy503 ( 33W / Las Vegas, NV )


    Anything from a walk on the strip to dinner...as long as we can get to know one another..

  • 2playa2014 ( 44W / Portsmouth, NH )


    A walk on the beach undoubtedly.

  • bigkash428 ( 22M / Chicago, IL )


    I just want to be able to meet you and give you the kind of conversation that can take us anywhere.

  • irisdore ( 26W / New York, NY )


    Zoo and ice cream. Then a walk. Then it depends on how funny you are.

  • megumikumi ( 22W / Beverly Hills, CA )


    -late night beach picnic -stand up show at the largo -music at the wiltern/music box/troubadour

  • KatThaGreat ( 29W / Las Vegas, NV )


    Vegas baby!!! What better than Sin City....are you a badd boy? Clubs, strip clubs, 5 star restaurants, 24hr drink service, beautiful women!! DUH!!!

  • Bex1000 ( 31W / Virginia Beach, VA )


    Low key.........--..---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(-

  • Newtony2000 ( 31W / Lake Peekskill, NY )


    Anything goes! Formal or casual. Organized intimate dinner or totally random adventure! If it involves some good food and a nice glass of wine somewhere along the line, it's perfect!

  • BlayzenKey ( 35W / Milwaukee, WI )


    It really depends on what we both like to do, me personally enjoy scenic routes drives to talk and just get to see if we even have chemistry. That's tricky with MURDERERS in the mixx. Gheesh. Dinner and a movie fits this  more>>

  • CoolJewel ( 49W / Des Moines, IA )


    Nice place where we can talk and get to know each other a little bit. Perhaps a walk in a park or boating on a lake. Then again...sky diving is pretty darn fun! :-)

  • Cazzy1980 ( 33W / Edinburgh, Scotland - Midlothian )


    An exciting date where we get to do things together and then sit down, have a chat about what we have done.

  • joannemyers ( 55W / Logan, OH )


    You should pick me up at my home. We can have a quiet dinner, then a walk, or movie, or boat ride. We can talk and get to know each other better.

  • mgzuniga1986 ( 27W / Pompano Beach, FL )


    Not sure what I would like for a first date....I definitely like the guy to show his creativity and pick a wonderful adventure. It really could involve anything from a nice dinner to amusement parks. Definitely a place w  more>>

  • Curiously_here ( 44W / Santa Barbara, CA )


    I'm open... Love delicious Healthy foods & Restaurants. Love to see music gigs, art opening, theatre, anything creative.. I like to bounce around and see what's happening...

  • starleygirl ( 45W / Sandy, UT )


    First dates are always awkward and nerve wraking, even if you have a lot of confidence. I think that if 2 adults can agree on the first date, your first challenge has been met, because you agreed on something. The date w  more>>