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Pets My favorite date ideas

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  • Morgana333 ( 56W / Parksville, BC )


    We grab our dogs and a windbreaker ....a hot timmies .....and have a slow walk along a beautiful beach chatting and getting to know each other.

  • ashcama1993 ( 21W / Lubbock, TX )


    I just want someone who will love my fur babies the way I do that has a dog or 2 my baby is energetic and funny and is my world!

  • margotlb ( 19W / Trois-Rivieres, QC )


    See some pets in a zoo or go to a arts place can be really great.

  • noordinarymoment ( 49M / Knoxville, TN )


    First date is easy, talking and laughing at a park. If we like each other, the 2nd-??? dates should be more FUN.... doubles massages at Spas, long weekend trips to mountains, casinos, ocean, skiing, you name it....

  • Taetheelovely ( 26W / Plainfield, NJ )


    I don't know but it better be good I'm open

  • hundhaus ( 20W / Lawrence, KS )


    To be quite frank, I miss my animals. Back home, I used to ride horses quite often, afterward coming home to our dogs and cats. However, here at school, I miss these things quite dearly! I would love to go out with a man  more>>

  • Michelle_Azarias ( 23W / Lebanon, TN )


    Night out or in. My interest in animals is key.

  • Jenjen22 ( 22W / Los Angeles, CA )


    We met at the dog park. And have a foward conversation we take a walk while the animals play.

  • Annne01 ( 44W / Kissimmee, FL )


    I liove my two Poodles , I don't have kids and to me having my babies doggies are enough. Dogs are the purest creature , loyal and to be honest , I love them more than most people .

  • ShyGirl90250 ( 45W / Hawthorne, CA )


    First meet and first date to me are two different things. So lets start with first meet. I think I would prefer meeting at a dog park. Of course, I would bring my overly protective Akita who weighs twice what I do, and m  more>>

  • astrogirl12 ( 28W / Stockton, CA )


    Dinner and drinks.....in Argentina!!! Wouldn't that be lovely? Just taking in all the sights and sounds of South America. Talking, getting to know each other, strolling down the street hand in hand...until we come to Luj  more>>

  • 2wheelsGofaster ( 36W / Vancouver, BC )


    My favourite first date idea is coffee and a dog walk.

  • Asia_D ( 22W / Germany )


    Well I'm an optimistic type of person so surprise me.. I like a man who can plan an entire evening

  • Katistar009 ( 36W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    I don't mind going to a pet shelter and volunteering for the day, the dogs will tell me a lot about you.

  • Countrygirl2392 ( 22W / Menomonee Falls, WI )


    Never actualy had a actual date lol an anythin has to include my daughter too