First Date Ideas

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  • joycety ( 31 / W / San Francisco, CA )

    Catch a musical

  • HappyGirlSandi ( 52 / W / Lenexa, KS )

    Once we realize we really like each other virtually through long phone calls, video chats and texts... how about you fly here to see me. Let's go see an event at The Kaufman Center! Make your visit memorable and lots of...  read more>>

  • dafne1 ( 54 / W / venezia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia )

    A candeligth dinner

  • LolaGolightly ( 27 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    How about we rendezvous at the theatre followed by a romantic candlelight dinner?

  • magestic ( 54 / W / Mount Eliza, Victoria )

    Attending a theatre or a gallery, to include dinner or a light supper to refresh ourselves and have an opportunity for conversation.

  • Nainaaa ( 20 / W / London, England - London )

    I'm laid back, not too sure on the "perfect" first date because I've never been on one that I would consider to be perfect. To me, it's more about the company, good company and a connection is more important to me

  • bunsplushoney ( 55 / W / New York, NY )

    Dinner at a fine restaurant or roof top garden, good conversation, a piano bar, dancing on a boat or walking on the beach. I "m open to new experiences, as well.

  • Beautifulmess99 ( 53 / W / Fresno, CA )

    I love musicals, the city and dancing... How fun is it, then, if we see a musical at Pantages and then go dancing in the city? Or...a drink at Shutters in Santa Monica? Or...a trip to Del Mar Race track? Or...hanging out...  read more>>

  • indydiver ( 61 / M / Boulder, CO )

    I prefer to experience many different situations to get to know someone,FIRST, without calling it a date,YET....such as going out for coffee/tea, lunch,going to an art exhibit/art gallery,attend a lecture or going for a...  read more>>

  • BarbluvsSalsa ( 49 / W / Oneida, WI )

    How about a candlelight dinner or a night of dancing or a performance at the theatre?

  • DeMoNiC_ ( 25 / M / Leduc, AB )

    Do a re-enactment of romeo and juliet and drink a fruit punch and pretend to die

  • poeticjynx ( 47 / W / Texarkana, TX )

    My first date would be to go to a poetry spot and later a candlelit dinner and dancing. If that's not exciting enough. . . bowling

  • actiondrive ( 61 / W / Singapore )

    somewhere with culture to take in and comment upon, some nature like a night sky or on the water and or something ridiculous like bowling or golf range or taking a dance lesson together- to get a sense of rhythm and sens...  read more>>

  • Schnippel91 ( 25 / M / Germany )

    First date? Maybe First Class? Where is your Private Jet lady?

  • TheSam1 ( 26 / M / South Africa )

    Something that neither of us have tried and a little out of our comfort zones, but both parties ought to have fun.