First Date Ideas

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  • SweetSummer12345 ( 30 / W / Newport Beach, CA )

    My ideal date, although not necessarily first, would entail attending the ballet at Lincoln Center followed by a quiet dinner at an upscale French restaurant in Manhattan. Ideally, the evening would consist of light-hear...  read more>>

  • DebbieMillington ( 32 / W / Dallas, TX )

    I love performing arts so my perfect date would probably be to the Moulin Rouge or the Crazy Horse in Paris, although that may not be till the 2nd date ;) I love to dance and listen to music, live musicians are great. I...  read more>>

  • joycety ( 31 / W / San Francisco, CA )

    Catch a musical

  • dafne1 ( 54 / W / venezia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia )

    A candeligth dinner

  • LolaGolightly ( 27 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    How about we rendezvous at the theatre followed by a romantic candlelight dinner?

  • magestic ( 54 / W / Mount Eliza, Victoria )

    Attending a theatre or a gallery, to include dinner or a light supper to refresh ourselves and have an opportunity for conversation.

  • Nainaaa ( 20 / W / London, England - London )

    I'm laid back, not too sure on the "perfect" first date because I've never been on one that I would consider to be perfect. To me, it's more about the company, good company and a connection is more important to me

  • bunsplushoney ( 55 / W / New York, NY )

    Dinner at a fine restaurant or roof top garden, good conversation, a piano bar, dancing on a boat or walking on the beach. I "m open to new experiences, as well.

  • Beautifulmess99 ( 53 / W / Fresno, CA )

    I love musicals, the city and dancing... How fun is it, then, if we see a musical at Pantages and then go dancing in the city? Or...a drink at Shutters in Santa Monica? Or...a trip to Del Mar Race track? Or...hanging out...  read more>>

  • indydiver ( 61 / M / Boulder, CO )

    I prefer to experience many different situations to get to know someone,FIRST, without calling it a date,YET....such as going out for coffee/tea, lunch,going to an art exhibit/art gallery,attend a lecture or going for a...  read more>>

  • BarbluvsSalsa ( 49 / W / Oneida, WI )

    How about a candlelight dinner or a night of dancing or a performance at the theatre?

  • DeMoNiC_ ( 26 / M / Leduc, AB )

    Do a re-enactment of romeo and juliet and drink a fruit punch and pretend to die

  • poeticjynx ( 47 / W / Texarkana, TX )

    My first date would be to go to a poetry spot and later a candlelit dinner and dancing. If that's not exciting enough. . . bowling

  • actiondrive ( 61 / W / Singapore )

    somewhere with culture to take in and comment upon, some nature like a night sky or on the water and or something ridiculous like bowling or golf range or taking a dance lesson together- to get a sense of rhythm and sens...  read more>>

  • Schnippel91 ( 25 / M / Germany )

    First date? Maybe First Class? Where is your Private Jet lady?