First Date Ideas

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  • adoriableme ( 56 / W / Seminole, FL )

    I haven't been on a date in so long, I can't even imagine. Drinks in a quieter setting so we can get to know each other, I prefer voice contact and eye contact to messaging and email. I can't see your heart if I can't se...  read more>>

  • up4sunshinetoo ( 62 / W / Davidsonville, MD )

    A casual lunch, dinner, or drinks that is conducive to good conversation. The second date would be jointly agreed upon, or you could surprise me since you would know things I enjoy after the first date:-)

  • Bellene ( 59 / W / London, England - London )

    I would like the opportunity for us to talk over a great bottle of red wine, while being served a good meal in a quiet restaurant with unobtrusive waiters. At this point, it does not matter to me in what city this might...  read more>>

  • Sexi_Lex ( 42 / W / Marietta, GA )

    First date: Dinner at a comfortable restaurant, not too fancy...I will only order a salad anyway! :-) Surprise me with a gift and flowers. After dinner, maybe a nice simple club with music (not a rock concert, not a coll...  read more>>

  • Lilly992000 ( 29 / W / Baldwin, NY )

    we can figure that out

  • LondonVipDreamer ( 25 / W / London, England - London )

    Somewhere to taste a different flavour of quality...and same with the company! ;P With my openmind you can always try to surprise me..for sure will be some moment where i could surprise you .

  • Crystal_Williams ( 31 / W / Houston, TX )

    Good food and conversation...simple

  • Beb418 ( 30 / W / Distrito Federal )

    I does not matter where is, what matters is who are you with as long as you are intelligent and know how to start a good conversation, make me laugh and smile the rest of the things are just simple details.

  • uloveangels ( 45 / W / Saint Augustine, FL )

    Looking for the wow factor, surprise me.

  • Florenceanna ( 51 / W / Chene-bourg, Geneve )

    Will depend on our common interests which I hope we will have first discovered by talking with one another.

  • sweet_fun_unique ( 30 / W / New South Wales )

    I want you to show me your world and introduce me to the things you love. If I can't love them too, why bother proceeding? If we have interests in common we already know, let's start with those. I want to see you in acti...  read more>>

  • Silentstallion ( 26 / M / Pasadena, CA )

    My idea of the perfect date is quickly evolving with time. A year ago a perfect date would simply entail a quiet dinner and refreshing conversation with a like minded individual, three months ago it might have been a nig...  read more>>

  • Momo37 ( 38 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    I would like a quiet place somewhere very beautiful where the scenery is Unforgettable somewhere we can communicate. Other understand each other share some laughs some personal feelings some personal experiences I feel t...  read more>>

  • cutthediamond ( 31 / W / Hagerstown, MD )

    I like surprises so if you surprise me with a memorable first date I will be impressed :)

  • bebebeaches777 ( 55 / W / San Diego, CA )

    Lets hop on your private jet and take me around the world haha a woman can dream right๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š