First Date Ideas

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  • Taomoon ( 52 / W / Lafayette, CA )

    When and where of it doesn't really matter. It's who you are with, how they make you feel and the quality of conversations that matters. So I am open

  • Life_ByDesign ( 45 / M / Wesley Chapel, FL )

    Having a cocktail on the beach while we share stories and enjoy some laughter. Sharing our dreams and goals with each other, and looking for ways we can help each other attain them. I love helping people succeed, and so...  read more>>

  • francescosebasti ( 21 / M / Taranto, Puglia )

    I love to surprise people around me . I love to be unexpected !

  • Xskyblue ( 40 / W / London, England - London )

    Candlelight dinner maybe

  • NEOKWS ( 60 / W / Beachwood, OH )

    Something we can do together...visiting a museum, exploring some new neighborhood, heading out with some cameras to see what we we can learn about each other and check for chemistry comfortably.

  • Jenni4Stars ( 40 / W / Hobart, Tasmania )

    You and your best friend... ;) No just joking, Umm... I don't know, Tasmania is a beautiful place and you should visit.

  • LBprofile ( 30 / W / Sheffield, England - South Yorkshire )

    I would want to do something which means I can talk to you properly, a day trip somewhere fun would be a fantastic first date!

  • CarliNoName ( 45 / W / Aurora, CO )

    First dates are sometimes tough, I like to make it easy. A comedy club followed with a nice dinner is both fun and intimate at the same time. I like to get to know someone without pressure to 'do everything right' on the...  read more>>

  • Lonelygirl1111 ( 36 / W / Fort Worth, TX )

    Something new and fun, not typical.. and just make me laugh please!! Or smile at least.. I am really not hard to please. I'm not shallow and I have a big heart..

  • lkin4mor ( 29 / W / London, England - London )

    Simple. Not loud. Relaxed. Glass of wine and perhaps a walk?

  • Beverly55 ( 59 / W / Dallas, TX )

    Happy Hour overlooking water, of some sort.

  • ClassyCuteness ( 45 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    Surprise me...

  • URmyPriority ( 46 / M / Hyattsville, MD )

    Our first date is to simply be who you are. Nice relaxed setting eating and enjoying the scenery. The ideal moment to enjoy ones company while appreciating each other. Open to a nice walk and all ears on knowing more abo...  read more>>

  • Jolbib ( 43 / W / Warszawa, Mazowieckie )

    We will be having so much fun laughing together and just simply relaxing with a bottle of wine, I won't be able to take my eyes of him and he will be undressing me with his eyes because there will be plenty of chemistry...  read more>>

  • tlbarr17 ( 35 / W / Peru, IL )

    Please reach out via email through this app.