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  • marshalee23 ( 35W / Jamaica )


    Well i want to sit and talk about both of us life style,and what we liked and what we don't like

  • perfectlyme4ever ( 43W / Quincy, CA )


    I have a wide variety of things I think can be fun on a first date. Some include picnic somewhere beautiful and outdoorsy, sharing a banana split at an old fashioned soda bar, boating on a lake, dancing the night away, s  more>>

  • Youraddiction09 ( 23W / Minneapolis, MN )


    I'm all about having the dinner and movie experience but you will really steal my heart if you mix things up a bit and we try something different.

  • milatravellady ( 36W / Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen )


    Glass of white wine, smooth jazz and a good conversation with laughter. I want to get to know you on the first date. After that what ever you like ;-) I'm spontaneous and up to pretty much a lot.....

  • Majestic36 ( 37W / Monte Carlo )


    I would like to meet in a beautiful location where I haven t been yet!

  • BlondBeauty21 ( 21W / London, England - London )


    One where it's just "easy", you truly enjoy being with that person and he with you, it just feels great!

  • Moonkisses ( 41W / Manhattan Beach, CA )


    Terranea resort in PV. beautiful view, can hike, take a dip in the ocean, kayak or just lounge on....

  • Mudgirl ( 35W / Spanish Fork, UT )


    Can you be spontaneous and not so repetitive?

  • Smfw89 ( 24W / Vernon Hills, IL )


    At first I just want to hang out and get to know you, nothing fancy and extravagant. I'm very easy going and just spending time with someone is enough for me.

  • MD1230 ( 34W / Miami, FL )


    Doesnt matter...as long as convo is good and person is fun. The rest is just background.

  • Gyulia ( 50W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    walking hand in hand on a beach and have fun .

  • jen325 ( 19W / Miami, FL )


    Surprise me. I don't like eating at restaurants I prefer cooking my own food. I like hiking, biking and generally the great outdoors.

  • Sexy_Scientist ( 46M / Columbia, MD )


    Let's go some place quiet, where we can talk and get to know one another.

  • deklerkselma ( 52W / Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal )


    A nice first date for me has to be one with a little added uniqueness, A picnic under the stars with champagne and your favorite desert, a little fun afterwards, perhaps dancing at a Latin cafe or a tour through a near b  more>>

  • IamPing ( 51W / Beverly Hills, CA )


    Tell me about how awesome you are Tell me that you find this life exciting Tell me that you like fast cars