First Date Ideas

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  • minskr ( 21 / W / Wien, Wien )

    Maybe a nice dinner with good wine. After we'll see where it takes us!

  • Buunnyy ( 18 / W / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Something slow paced where we can take our time and talk a little (cafe, movies, shopping, etc.)

  • char5480 ( 55 / W / Albuquerque, NM )

    Food is always a winner with me in a pretty restaurant that isn't too loud...I have a soft voice.

  • FancyJ ( 42 / W / Calabasas, CA )

    Hmm... something spontaneous and memorable. Your favorite spot on Santa Monica pier, or mine?... Have you ever tried blind dining? Neither have I, let's go!

  • Synchronicity8 ( 43 / W / Key Biscayne, FL )

    It can be lunch or dinner in a restaurant that has great food. Hopefully a place that has good lighting or a good view of nature and where it is possible to have a great conversation. Afterwards, maybe my date wants to t...  read more>>

  • gigiloki ( 46 / W / Calgary, AB )

    negotiated with the person I am going on a date with.

  • championz88 ( 40 / M / Beverly Hills, CA )

    - Gorgeous 5-Star setting home or venue - Open air environment - Sick views and visuals - Sexy chill music - Listening - Connecting - Engaging conversations - Both looking Hot - Magnetic connections...

  • Poppy83 ( 34 / W / London, England - London )

    Anywhere/Anything/Any time in the right company...

  • viktoria_noar ( 46 / W / Kiev, Kyyiv, Misto )

    1. The cycle route in Europe. Invite me there! 2. The concert of orchestral music. High-level orchestra. Do you know where and when is it going to play? Let's listen together? 3. Celebration with fireworks. I love to loo...  read more>>

  • fieryfemale17 ( 34 / W / Winnipeg, MB )

    Anything fun, exciting and adventurous. I kinda like to see the fun side of people before getting to all the formalities. I find that it makes me more comfortable to be able to laugh at myself right off instead of being...  read more>>

  • Katevlln224 ( 50 / W / Madison, WI )

    My favorite first date would be an exciting surprise at a horse event that includes dinner and maybe a nice flower arrangement!~

  • Kelaroo ( 47 / W / Houston, TX )

    I prefer to be spontaneous. If the company is right we'll have a great time doing anything, or nothing at all! We can always just start with a glass of wine and conversation and go from there. That might be all we need!

  • ruberry1 ( 40 / W / Santa Monica, CA )

    No where too rowdy because I would need to talk over noises to hear my own voice.

  • Ilatina2u ( 38 / W / Fulton, CA )

    After us getting to know each by Phone Calls, Texts, Love Letters, Live Chats; I would love to do anything you plan for us... XO

  • _TheDoctorIsIn ( 37 / M / Miami Beach, FL )

    We fly to Costa Rica and hike along the coast, until we find a secluded beach. Picking coconuts, bodysurfing in the waves, and one thing leads to another -- suddenly we’re on board a “borrowed” 120-foot yacht heade...  read more>>