First Date Ideas

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  • TG_Gisele ( 21 / W / Singapore )

    I have never been on a date before but I would love to cuddle and just watch a movie. That sums up my perfect night. Simple and sweet.

  • yourmvp ( 32 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    A fun time!

  • StormBlue ( 51 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    First date ideas, something non-formal and no pressure. Nothing special, a cup of coffee or quick drink and just get to know one another. I would rather plan something short and if the conversation flows and the time fli  more>>

  • MadeInBrasil77 ( 39 / W / Budd Lake, NJ )

    Any place we can really talk, connect, and get to know eachother - therefore, movies are out of the question for obvious reasons....

  • tin_cii ( 18 / W / Fremont, California )

    i imagine a first date as an relaxed experience were you get to know each other an have fun. maybe like going to the zoo or going to an animal shelter to walk a dog. sometimes just a simple coffee is enough

  • ShortnSweet1964 ( 52 / W / Platteville, WI )

    Lets do something that gives us the chance to talk to one another.

  • VaniaRi1 ( 41 / W / Inkster, MI )

    I think a variety of simple things makes a good first date like going for coffee or a quick lunch later or early light dinner or like a snack. Could be great first date ideas the more relaxing the easier the nervousness  more>>

  • Sasha305 ( 38 / W / Miami Beach, FL )

    The first date should be spontaneous and surprising! I don't want to plan it out. I want to just let it happen and allow it to take on a life of its own.

  • champagne320 ( 45 / W / Kingston, PA )

    I believe it should be very special where you go. A hoarse drawn buggy ride, sightseeing in Paris is romantic, walk on the beach, or a home cooked candlelit dinner in front of a fireplace blends the mood.

  • reNewedChick ( 30 / W / Chicago, IL )

    I am old-fashioned in that I do like for a man to be a man and I like to be treated like a lady. I am of the belief that chivalry isn't dead and I am hoping that I'm correct in this type of thinking. I like to have doors  more>>

  • Honeydripping ( 28 / W / Arlington, VA )

    I am a big advocate for, living in the moment. The importance: Authenticity, Letting Go, Excitement, Warmth, Comfort, Laughter. ..that's what matters, to me.

  • Hartley_Grady ( 31 / W / West Sacramento, CA )

    I am just not sure, I am a romantic at heart but I like the man to plan things and show me what he wants and has to offer so if he plans the date it speaks more to my heart.

  • Pommes ( 30 / W / Geneva, Geneve )

    I am a woman who still believes Glenn Miller is missing. My ideal falling in love date is a hazardous meeting as smooth as “Stranger in the night”. Since that’s slightly out of this century, let’s have a coffee a  more>>

  • fun_sweetie ( 19 / W / Copenhagen, Kobenhavn )

    My expectations for our first date: you will show up on time :)

  • OshaSteele ( 18 / W / Charlotte, NC )

    I always wanted to go to an amusement park or ride in a hot air balloon