First Date Ideas

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  • HollyLV ( 61 / W / Houston, TX )

    Drinks for a first date in a classy club where we can visit and laugh, maybe a nice piano bar

  • CaribbeanCutiex ( 23 / W / Watertown, MA )

    There's many great restaurants in downtown Boston. A great first date would be at a restaurant I've never tried before. Then, we can go watch and opera or a musical. To end the night, it'd be really romantic if we'd sit...  read more >>

  • MarkHK ( 37 / M / Delray Beach, FL )

    On a first date, I like to keep a lively and social feel. I want to head down to Las Olas and enjoy a drink at Lobster Bar/YOLO and then head dance at Vibe.

  • twinklestarkosc ( 36 / W / San Mateo, CA )

    A glass of Zin while watching beautiful sunset together.

  • EuroBelle ( 37 / W / Englishtown, NJ )

    My idea of a first date should be short and sweet - to see if there is chemistry and a potential... Due to everyone's busy schedules, I think we should't commit to a long date:)

  • LoblongR ( 69 / M / Mercer Island, WA )

    We would meet for a drink at a beach cafe and, then if there is chemistry, we would segue to dinner.

  • Scccapn1 ( 43 / W / Pawleys Island, SC )

    Just a brief meet for drinks, coffee or dinner. Water view would be even more awesome.

  • Lovecharm17 ( 32 / M / Wilmington, DE )

    Coffee or drinks and enticing conversations.

  • Sweettallblond ( 37 / W / Antwerp, Antwerpen )

    Something casual with not to much pressure or expectations. Let see if we click in real life too

  • SophisticatedEU ( 55 / W / San Diego, CA )

    The first approach tells us a lot about each other. If you really mean it you put some effort into the first date and avoid make a woman feel like she is just one of many your are taking into consideration to date. I am...  read more >>

  • StrongAdvocate ( 51 / M / Mount Sinai, NY )

    We could do something completely crazy like fly around the world, but why don’t we just keep it simple and grab a drink or coffee instead. :-)

  • Briannare ( 39 / W / New York, NY )

    A drink at a lounge

  • Blackdiamond77 ( 42 / W / Newton, MA )

    I think the 1st date should be somewhere casual and relaxing for both parties. Either going to a lounge to grab a drink or going out to dinner are always a great 1st date.

  • looking4ward2mtg ( 39 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    let's start with a glass of red wine...

  • RhondaPiedra ( 51 / W / San Tan Valley, AZ )

    Meet at a place for light conversation. Thank you.