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  • IslanWoman2000 ( 36W / Pompano Beach, FL )


    That should to be decided by both parties but my choice would be dinner at a secluded restaurant near the ocean.

  • sweetprincess17 ( 31W / Madrid )


    A dinner in a good restaurant. After taking a cocktail and try to laugh...

  • megsgem ( 45W / Arlington Heights, IL )


    i enjoy a good meal with plenty of conversation and laughter...followed by a romanic walk or dancing...you decide..

  • DH1958 ( 56W / Houston, TX )


    How about we have a delicious seafood dinner at an upscale restaurant at CityCentre.

  • brannick ( 26W / South Bend, IN )


    Go out to eat to a nice resteraunt then to a movie then come home and chill and get to know eachother better. And just have an amazeing time.

  • Goodheartman55 ( 55M / Waterford, MI )


    Going for dinner, meeting in an open place.

  • Val831 ( 51W / Pelham, NY )


    As much as I enjoy music and dancing, our first date would be somewhere quiet where we could have a conversation and get to know one another to see if the sparks fly! Your choice of venue, as I enjoy being surprised.

  • will9090 ( 59M / Saginaw, MI )


    Go some where quit for just the two of as and spend some quality time together.

  • in2uforever ( 49M / Phoenix, AZ )


    Meet up half way at an exclusive restaurant hopefully with an ocean view, easy to relax that way ;)

  • styles7836 ( 36W / Beaverton, OR )


    Dinner and a movie, maybe a few drinks....walk in the beach and have great conversation

  • SophiaLorraine ( 45W / Sanford, NC )


    Good wine, food, and great company in a quiet location. Lets get to know one another!

  • Andie70 ( 44W / Plano, TX )


    I can have a good first date anywhere.

  • wijmes ( 49M / San Antonio, TX )


    A memorable walk while holding each other's hands, candle light dinner and may be a dance if thats ok with her. I hope the moments shared will be appreciated by our hearts as we welcome the new millennium :)

  • peachesxxroses ( 56M / Chicago, IL )


    Dinner for two , soft music , good wine and candle lights | Roses ;)

  • findingjoy ( 52W / Toronto, ON )


    Sharing in a wonderful dining experience is special and intimate. Selecting mutually complimentary dishes that we can have extra fun sharing each others selections from main coarse to deserts. If you behave I might feed  more>>