First Date Ideas

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  • Sweetstace7 ( 33 / W / Adelaide, South Australia )

    How about we have a coffe then a walk along the beach, if we click then how about the next night fine dining then some dancing?

  • StarHearted ( 32 / W / Elizabethtown, PA )

    I would want a date that leaves an impression on me and a memory that will last. I'm open to any type of date, but make it fun and exciting.

  • Rare47lady ( 46 / W / Russell, ON )

    It can range from the cliche, conversation over coffee, to church events, joining me in dog rescue voluntary, mission maybe, and not the scripted and planned 'dates' !

  • KatherineMarie1 ( 56 / W / Port Aransas, TX )

    After Chatting on Google + Hangouts to see if there is a Possibility of a Developing Friendship. An Immersion Date of a Three Day Weekend to see if there is a Romance that could begin. Of course, separate Sleeping Quarte...  read more>>

  • KarenMcCabe ( 48 / W / Cambridge Springs, PA )

    The typical dinner and a movie are fine but much better to get to know someone when you can be relaxed & chat about what brought you together in the first place.

  • katy0ruth ( 28 / W / Miami, FL )

    I would love to do something extreme !!! Like parachuting

  • Ramrockprincess ( 63 / W / Frisco, TX )

    A glance, a smile, a magical moment !

  • BEESWAXE ( 38 / M / Dover, DE )


  • beautifulchewy ( 72 / W / Escondido, CA )

    I think that if the chemistry is there...sitting in a "tent" can be fun!!! , I am very easy, coffee is great, I have found that making too much of a 1st meeting, usually is a big "let down", because...  read more>>

  • JoyInMotion ( 60 / W / Lafayette, CO )

    My preference is a walk, dinner, something that is quiet and casual. I'm interested in getting to know you, so talking and sharing would be my first choice....then all the other options can be available, next time around...  read more>>

  • donz59 ( 60 / M / Omaha, NE )

    How about we try dinner,movies and a table for two

  • Beachfit48 ( 48 / M / Belleair Beach, FL )

    Lunch beachside and then a sunset cruise.....back before last light!

  • LittleBird95 ( 21 / W / Dothan, AL )

    First dates I've always thought should be things that are active and engaging, dinner dates and movies are things that bring on awkward silences or people trying too hard to be cool and collected. Sometimes it's just not...  read more>>

  • sbosch15 ( 54 / W / Miami, FL )

    Surprise me 😊

  • A_V_G1 ( 39 / W / Ayr, Scotland - Ayrshire )

    Please keep it a basic or as extravagant as you wish