First Date Ideas

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  • GemSpiritual ( 48 / W / Orlando, FL )

    How about we go out to a nice romantic dinner, so we can get to know each other better.

  • LovingGenuineW ( 53 / W / Sudbury, ON )

    Getting to know each other and to listen to one another.

  • Shermita ( 34 / W / Suisun City, CA )

    Nice quiet pinic on a beach with blanket just us two for full conversation with no interruptions

  • Claaayfox ( 57 / W / Webster, NY )

    Lets do something that will make our first date memorable long into the future

  • NikiGeorgina ( 33 / W / London, England - London )

    Dinner, weekend away, theme park or maybe just a simple coffee in the sun

  • Pretty7Eyes ( 35 / W / Annapolis, MD )

    My first date will be special, romantic, a beautiful memorable moment in time, and a night I will always remember and never forget.

  • ClassyLadySD ( 55 / W / San Diego, CA )

    Surprise me!

  • hannn_xx ( 18 / W / Liverpool, England - Merseyside )

    For a first date I would like to do something fun and out of the ordinary. Something which will make us both laugh, creating a special bond and getting to know each others humor.

  • Kello81 ( 35 / M / Middletown, OH )

    I play things by ear, but something definitely related to addrenelin! It's important to see what people are made of!

  • Nakarra_Lynn ( 29 / W / South Brisbane, Queensland )

    How about we have a date by day and night? My idea for the daytime would be to do something amazing and exciting that neither of us have done before ie race car driving/skydiving/bungee jumping. And then by night we meet...  read more>>

  • sugarandspicepar ( 57 / W / Paradise, CA )

    I would love to take a long walk at night with a blanket so we can lay down and look at the star's

  • TravelGirl_70 ( 45 / W / Hollywood, FL )

    My idea of a great first date...IF time and money were no object...would be a surprise and spontaneous trip to Paris and dinner at the top of the Eiffel tower... Hey, I did say IF time & money were no object LOL :-) More...  read more>>

  • christina6919 ( 46 / W / Franklin, IN )

    I love the outdoors and I don't really have a preference - I can go with simple or over the top, but I've never really dated much. I love caveing, so it would be fun to go spelunking and experience that with someone else...  read more>>

  • LUVYOURDAY ( 48 / W / Phoenix, AZ )

    PLEASURES: I am a connoisseur of the finer things in life. I am unpretentious and very down to earth, balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am NOT easily impressed by material possessions, fame...  read more>>

  • WorldRomantic ( 50 / M / Scottsdale, AZ )

    It shouldn't matter what the activity is, it should only matter who it's with. The best dates are ones where you are oblivious to your surroundings. The only thing that matters is the conversation and connection to the p...  read more>>