Fun Date Ideas

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  • Higheelsandlove ( 34 / W / Praha, Praha, Hlavni Mesto )

    We can prepare some food, maybe just simple sandwiches together, and bring them to a shelter or some charity organisation. And after that we can go for a walk or whatever we will feel like doing.

  • Fifi1970 ( 47 / W / Wiesbaden, Hessen )

    first a dinner date to get to know each other, then we can branch out to something more active, Any good at squash? Like to try me in a swimming race across the lake?

  • palaro ( 53 / W / Roswell, GA )

    I love listening to live music, dancing, trying good food.

  • Amar01 ( 68 / M / Welwyn, England - Hertfordshire )

    Fly to most picturesque place on earth, be together, drink, dine with lots of love, care and romance

  • garnetgirl37 ( 60 / W / Lugoff, SC )

    Fine dinning, wine, and dessert as an opening for a date. Hoping it leads to conversation and discovery.

  • Mom4girls ( 57 / W / Hamilton, OH )

    I do not like the cold. So in the cold months, I need to be warm whether watching a show or at an event. During the warm months I love being active outside. I like to have fun.

  • Gaviota91 ( 27 / W / Queenstown, Eastern Cape )

    My travel bucket list makes no sense, Im an extremist you could say.. I would have to see the beauty of Paris and Dubai or Brazil.. But will have to experience places like Giza, Egypt (The Pyramids), Beijin, China (Great...  read more >>

  • szerencse2018 ( 43 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    I would prefer some fun activity over just a boring dinner/lunch/coffee like hiking, walking on the beach/park/Santa Monica Pier, amusement park, theatre, concert, playing pool, ping pong, bowling

  • JeanTay ( 46 / W / La Jolla, CA )

    I like going to Old Town for dinner and a walk. I like going to Balboa Park for drinks and a stroll.

  • YourLadyT ( 53 / W / Burbank, CA )

    I would enjoy a relaxing location where we could hold a conversation to get to know more about one another.

  • DannaL ( 60 / W / Evergreen, CO )

    Fancy dinners are stressful - Coffee/drink for first date to see if there's chemistry for another? Then something active.

  • Georgiapeach26 ( 52 / W / Kingsland, GA )

    To be with man can make date plans to take me outi love cocktails to help me get aquainted. And music playing that wint put me asleep man talk n entertain his lady n help her get to know him not be on a phone during date...  read more >>

  • TDussan ( 33 / W / Media, PA )

    I prefer dinner but open to other places or activities for the first date. lead the way!

  • Mermaid33705 ( 52 / W / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    I like those beach spots that you have to know someone to find... quiet romantic dining, not those franchise fake food places.

  • BlondeCinderella ( 60 / W / Hanceville, AL )

    A good date depends on two people. Its a choice that both like. If we are compatible it won't matter what we do. Living life to its fullest, then something unexpectable falls out of the sky. The beauty is covered. Now al...  read more >>