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  • markinglover ( 52M / Zhejiang )


    Dinner with my dream lady in a glamorous restaurant with sweet Chinese violins playing in background.I love Chinese culture because of my Late ex wife

  • ChancesRuNme ( 51W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    After initial meeting, of course, and going on a real date. . . YOU standing at my door when I open it with that cute, sexy smile of yours with a bouquet of flowers behind your back! A candle lite dinner for 2 in a roman  more>>

  • Zen101 ( 31W / Sherman Oaks, CA )


    BE DIFFERENT!!! I have been on many dates, so I find it more interesting when I'm on a date with someone who thinks outside the box. I'm very romantic, and something as simple as a day spa date lifts my spirits. But I al  more>>

  • TrendyU ( 35W / Memphis, TN )


    I would love to do something we both never done before

  • madamekay31 ( 31W / Towson, MD )


    Not picky u pick...just simply looking for love...no high ends Demand but a sweet girl all the way

  • myblueprincess ( 24M / Cartagena, Murcia )


    romantic date . good place . silence . intimacy .

  • Gigawave ( 55W / Miami, FL )


    A concert and chicken wing would be nice

  • NurseMcDreamy ( 32M / Roseburg, OR )


    I write this to you: When you find them, tell them all that you have said and heard before them. Detail the steps taken in your travels. Tell them the rules you invented along the way for yourself. Hand them the eraser t  more>>

  • Leeann2018 ( 25W / Norcross, GA )


    A walk on the beach. We could talk about our families, future aspirations, and life.

  • daniela2529 ( 50W / Pflugerville, TX )


    Open to diferrent activities. Like chating with a drink or coffee to share quiet time together.

  • NZlady2014 ( 40W / Auckland, Auckland )


    Flying to waiheke island for nice wine and watch the sun go down.

  • Joseph5555 ( 54M / West Orange, NJ )


    The ideal date reveals itself after the fact not before.It can be anywhere,as long as the connection happens.So that puts us in a place and time where you feel comfortable so I can meet the real you.

  • Rnberrab ( 35W / Ithaca, MI )


    Anywhere romantic.. Slightly private. It would all depend on the person and what our locations are. I'm pretty spontaneous and flexible. I'm easy to get along with so if plans change, I'm all in!!

  • kasevedo ( 37M / Littleton, CO )


    Dinner and a nice quiet place to get to know each other to get to know one another. I want someone to let me know what they like and see the things that make them happy.

  • Stacie0001 ( 47W / Islamorada, FL )


    ANYTHING FUN….where we can naturally walk in a room and OWN IT cause our chemistry is screaming!