First Date Ideas

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  • CalmRedhead ( 60 / W / Austin, TX )

    Something fun instead of just sitting at a meal/interview style. Perhaps a nice visit afterwards for a drink or something.

  • Taurus1968 ( 49 / W / Yorba Linda, CA )

    Instant connection, give one another a passionate kiss, visit a bit then give each other a super sexy slow kiss, visit a bit more and ask me out for another date but not before we have a night cap....

  • WanderlusterUSA ( 18 / W / Houston, TX )

    - Buy a bunch of tennis balls and give them out at a dog park! I love puppies! - Then get ice cream or frozen yogurt afterwards with a nice, long walk

  • SweetIowanlady ( 41 / W / Waterloo, IA )

    First date hmm well I like it if you were you self and enjoy each others company and have some laughs and having fun and getting to know each other

  • Elencek21 ( 35 / W / Prague, Praha, Hlavni Mesto )

    I am an open person, ,,, will leave it up to can be anything from a nice flower up to a rock mountain trip :)

  • jenjenIII ( 56 / W / Canton, NY )

    I am always willing to travel to be able to be with you, Size matters, I love animals particularly dogs and horses. I hve no children. The relationship I am currently in has not met my expectations, so discretion is a mu...  read more >>

  • MALAYSIA24 ( 24 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    creativity, a real effort, not coffee

  • AriesSearching ( 54 / M / Alexandria, VA )

    The perfect first date activity is a day or night at the amusement park...provides adventures (lots of rides), opportunity to chat and get to know each other, and provides an opportunity to enjoy a nice meal together as...  read more >>

  • doropearl ( 32 / W / Dallas, TX )

    How about making the first date a memorable one in a unique and memorable place/city.

  • mia0313 ( 20 / W / Winnipeg, MB )

    An adventure

  • anthonythomas1 ( 53 / M / Nicosia, Nicosia )

    where and how not an issue

  • GenuineSue ( 50 / W / Brisbane, Queensland )

    I am a true romantic and would love to be swept off my feet or at least for somebody to surprise me. I have never been taken by surprise by any man who has been in my life. I would love to be totally surprised, just the...  read more >>

  • GINADIVADOLL63 ( 54 / W / Lawrenceville, GA )

    Yes i love to walk on the beach .I like sightseeing movies plays concerts etc. I'm looking for some vanilla to go with my chocolate.Or some chocolate TO GO with this cream

  • koklabbz ( 34 / W / pretoria, Gauteng )

    A nice place that is quiet for us to know each other. Walk in a park.

  • KidCharlemagne ( 47 / M / Spring Hill, TN )

    My first date would consist of going somewhere that neither one of us has been. That way, we could share in a new adventure together. This could be lunch or dinner at a restaurant that neither one of us has visited, a ne...  read more >>