First Date Ideas

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  • Sunny1973 ( 42 / W / Shenzhen, Guangdong )

    I would love to dance with my lover in a quiet and elegant place. There are only us. We can hug each other and kiss each other.

  • Victoria_SA ( 38 / W / San Antonio, TX )

    I love to dance and what better way to determine chemistry and compatibility? Think about it...arms around each other, hands sliding and caressing, hips yeah...let's dance. For an early date, coffee or a walk...  read more>>

  • HelenofTroy36 ( 36 / W / Horsham, England - Sussex )

    I like to dance so my first date idea will be into a club or pub. You can think about body language if music is too loud.

  • Doudoune ( 49 / W / Bridgeport, CT )

    I like to dance. My idea of a first date is going out dancing. It is perfect; it takes away from asking/answering questions. That time is better suited for the next date or a later date; a date when my friend/match and I...  read more>>

  • Faith_Family_Art ( 27 / W / Minneapolis, MN )

    I enjoy being active! I'm down to try anything new as long as you reach out with a plan. Extra points if you give me a reason to get dressed up!

  • taraleigh4 ( 42 / W / Marana, AZ )

    I would like to take a Salsa or Bachata dance class together in Tucson or Phoenix....or jump in the wind tunnel in Eloy. Why? Because I think going on a date where we do something together out of your comfort zone reveal...  read more>>

  • mmassaro ( 65 / W / Guilford, CT )

    Coffee shops are too noisy. Perhaps, a walk along the shore or a cocktail in a quiet place if dancing is not my date's wish.

  • sincerely1025 ( 56 / M / Tucson, AZ )

    Let's have some conversation and get to know one another. Perhaps a nice meal would be appropriate.

  • Jaguar63 ( 53 / W / Dingmans Ferry, PA )

    A flight to Paris on your private Jet for a romantic dinner. Lol Don't worry only kidding guys. That's a pretty woman date that only happens in the movies anyway. Just a nice place to sit and chat maybe a drink or coffee...  read more>>

  • lillyg29 ( 30 / W / Guelph, ON )

    i am down to earth girl so were ever the first date will be am OK with that but because were meeting on line dating site it has to be public. for a few weeks or so UN till we really get to no each other very well

  • Imtherealslimjd ( 41 / M / Reading, England - Berkshire )

    It would be prudent to ask what you enjoy doing.!!...then find something fun and stylish ... Until then...

  • ysimms ( 42 / W / Littleton, CO )

    First dates are usually the hardest for me. The most common is dinner and drinks. I am ok with that, but I honestly prefer something more active.I love to dance, it's in my blood, but it can be a challenge for most men o...  read more>>

  • qbxenia ( 61 / W / Saratoga Springs, NY )

    Let's find a fun place where we can do the Hokey-Pokey 'cuz that's what it's all about. We can always turn ourselves around and leave if the chemistry isn't there.

  • Sigfrid ( 30 / W / Reykjanesbaer )

    love dancing salsa :D

  • Nickeynatural ( 35 / W / Namibia )

    something creative not the usual dinning and wining