Fun Date Ideas

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  • cocopeppermint ( 43 / W / Vancouver, BC )

    I like food and drinks that accompany

  • Eyemxotic ( 53 / W / Placerville, CA )

    A fun date could be so many things. I'm easy that way and get pleasure in good food and fine wine. At home or out.

  • Earthlover ( 42 / W / Asheville, NC )

    I love the idea of a special dinner in a special place with great conversation and connecting.

  • SB9999 ( 55 / W / Minneapolis, MN )

    First date... anywhere and anytime as long as we can see and hear one another without distraction. Dream date...I love a date that surprises me - dinner on a rooftop, a glass of champagne on the beach, intimate and exoti...  read more >>

  • LAesty ( 47 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    Dinner at a quaint restaurant with a good bottle of wine and great conversation!

  • Happyheartgirl ( 47 / W / Leawood, KS )

    Either a hole in the wall, line dancing, a great band or a beautiful candle lit dinner...I'm up for anything!

  • DA2nicks ( 47 / W / Sartell, MN )

    I love to cook so always cooking together is a great experience. I also love to try new foods, sushi and ethiopean food are two of my favorites I love using chopsticks and eating with my hands and sharing food. I really...  read more >>

  • proudtobeyours ( 37 / M / Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia )

    I think that a culinary experience is the best way to know a pesron. You can use all the 5 senses and understand how is the other person. If there is a match at the dinner table it's a huge step to find out a total match...  read more >>

  • Dentistana ( 56 / W / Marcus Hook, PA )

    I want an exciting first date ,the guy should run the show first and I want to see your humor on the very first day and behave when you are with me lol.

  • ChefStef50 ( 51 / W / West Bloomfield, MI )

    In a Mutual Kichen somewhere sharing the preparation of Cooking Dinner Together with Great Drink Pairing while listening to Nina Simone😉

  • CBailey10 ( 28 / W / Scottsdale, AZ )

    Since I am a foodie I love to try new restaurants and experience new culinary adventures. I love a night in cooking together just as much as going out for date night.

  • LetsBeAmazing ( 37 / W / Arlington, VA )

    If I winked or favorited you I'm very interested and hope you read my entire profile. Not currently a paying member so I can only respond if you email me. Make a move. No endless emails or texts. Let's talk on the phone...  read more >>

  • AshliTaylorMae4U ( 32 / W / Roswell, GA )

    anything adventurous

  • verdeluxcifer924 ( 36 / M / Bellingham, WA )

    We're going to go mushroom hunting. Morels, shiitake, cremini, oyster mushrooms, puff balls, psilocybin. It'll be fun and illuminating. Then we'll play a little chess to see where your mind game is at. And then dab. You...  read more >>

  • Tamik407 ( 47 / W / Orlando, FL )

    I love when a guy takes me to his favorite restaurant. As a curious foodie, it's fun to learn why someone likes what they like while possibly trying something new.