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Millionaire dating in Tallahassee, United States

 Millionaire dating in Tallahassee

Dating Tips for Tallahassee Singles

Was your Valentine a 21-inch pizza, McDonald’s, or a box of doughnuts? Well, they all do add up to a nice Valentine’s evening when you are single and not-too-ready-to-mingle. But if you are single for too long, you have to reflect on your life; after all, you can’t marry a doughnut even if there is a hole in it.

Tallahassee is a small town with a population that still has to hit a 200,000 figure, so finding a date could be challenging. Moreover, coming across similar faces on dating sites over and again isn’t anything anomalous either, except for the fact that you only have a few chances to make it right.

But before proceeding with this post, let’s break the good news for all the single men in Tallahassee: Don’t give up mate! There are more women than men in your area; so get out your plush-blanket-zone and start dating.

Here are some dating tips from Stever Kasper,'s spokesperson for the Tallahassee singles:

Tallahassee dating: How to notch up on millionaire singles?

So what’s the trick? How can you date singles in Tallahassee, considering the competition is damn too high? "Well, an admirable persona, a six-figure bank balance, and some good looks would definitely do the magic, but it's actually MORE than just that. Remember, you can go to Tallahassee chat rooms and spend hours there, but it’s only going to work for you if you know better lines than “How you doing”. Being witty is nice, but not always," says Steve.

1. Go Online with a Niche Dating App

"Turn to a niche dating site if you know your preferences. For instance, if you are looking for rich singles, try a millionaire dating site like If you want recurring hook ups, go with something like Tinder," says John. Niche dating apps work on quality over quantity because that their USP. If you are picky, it's going to take some time to find the right date. “Get yourself on a Tallahassee chat app that is covering your area and of course the needs too,” adds Steve. “Bigger platforms are better when you are living in NYC, but not when you are in Tallahassee,” he adds.

2. Take The Initiative

Don’t like throwing yourself on others? It’s all right! But it’s important that you understand the difference between being desperate and being smart. We already aforementioned that Tallahassee isn’t a big place, so you have to move your feet a bit to get out of the lower circle.

John's says, "Don’t wait for someone to send you an email. And if you are already sending emails to others via dating sites, be patient and try not to nudge others. It’s not a big deal if you aren’t getting many replies because over 90 percent of the emails are never responded. Keep sending emails to 3-5 Tallahassee singles every day; this way, you won’t be rushing into writing emails and may come up with something more interesting than the usual catch up lines."

3. Get Clear, Unfiltered Shots of Yourself

"Filters are fancy and they are quite convenient with hiding what you don’t want others to see. But guess what? Others know that too. People who are going to eventually date you need to know how you look like in real", says Steve. For that, you will need to get a few clear shots without your favorite Instagram filters. Steve recommends you to have at least 5-6 photos that aren’t retouched. "Have both head shots and body shots, so the other person can have a clear image of the entire you. Try to have photos that could reflect on your personality and avoid groups shots if you don’t want to end up some hottie asking for your friend’s number," he adds.

4. Keep Your Profile Precise

“We buy books by looking at their covers and prologs. No one sits down and reads the entire chapters. If the introduction has that intriguing capacity, consider it sold; similar is the case when someone visits your profile on a dating site,” Steve says. “Keep it precise and real. People love other people who have a charming personality, so let your inner charm be translated into a well-thought and interesting profile bio. Stick with 200-300 words only.”