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Germany is champion of 2014 World Cup JudySHCH 77 07/15
true love's eyes smax117 Recommended 210 05/23
Not Photoshopped Photos Jenkneee 956 02/24
The Wedding MissMonteCarlo 188 07/01
Hot in Columbia Eloise3685 Recommended 31 07/14
The many shades of Gray... Faceless Photos GoNancyGo 250 07/08
Real Men & Real Women come back to surface ... NewChapter777 130 07/09
IS SHE OUT THERE !!! flagent32246 285 06/09
Farewell to a great American Hero 3345roc 116 07/07
Fantasy jolene1969 297 06/27
The Law of Large Numbers 3345roc 117 06/26
Relationships can be fun. Alwaysloveroses 105 07/02
The Past, The Ex Alwaysloveroses 103 07/04
prom misses promises DONTFITMOLD 85 07/10
Marital and Dating Finances georgia1965 273 06/14
Threshold Of Trust leonicvirgo 128 07/02
NYC Plans are out the window for the time being.. ... MissMonteCarlo 138 06/07
Oh, Not Again! Livnlov 357 11/18
Chick Magnet and/or Goddess jolene1969 259 06/14
Average is not good enough? Cupids22 Recommended 297 06/29
OMG! iPad pad legs champagne DOG!!! lisammm Recommended 146 07/05
Women over Forty DONTFITMOLD 366 05/29
Finding the right match. flagent32246 371 02/10
True Story. My first date experience. flagent32246 770 02/27
How Important is a Mans Height ? GoNancyGo 572 04/28
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