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Warning !! RE: blogger IROCAS sizzlinhot 417 04/14
Keep a happy mood Sunshine2772 138 09/12
"The Five Love Languages" by Dr. Gary Chapma ... SkipperAerie 209 09/18
Stranger windingsummer 536 06/27
Why relationships are so hard...a man's point ... RenaissanceBM 58 09/09
Digital Dating Dilemmas microblonde 264 09/24
Advice from a millionaire teaching kids about ... mmsharearticle Recommended 89 09/09
wild@heart seeking_my_king 198 09/20
Apple's iWatch And The Technology Of Cyber ... mmsharearticle Recommended 88 09/21
The Rags To Riches Story Of Britain's Thriftiest ... mmsharearticle Recommended 88 09/10
Scottish Independence bostonarea 238 09/07
Are you one of Those women for Sale? greenkindeyes 465 09/15
so true ArtfullDuke Recommended 181 09/10
It's Spring again (redux) smax117 Recommended 102 04/25
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