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Does your inner child like the swings? lovelylotus 119 07/27
taxman2006 kmbt97 7 07/27
Has anyone figured out . . . cmgfilms 60 07/27
FOOL BARD Sarahh79 118 07/27
U Can't Make This Stuff Up- Tales of the Ridiculou ... tallsxyemt 455 07/27
DEATH Sarahh79 76 07/27
WHO IS PSYCHIC? Sarahh79 101 07/27
What decade are you from? lovelylotus 234 07/26
Vacation ScottieW 142 07/26
The Perfect Date... DiamondStar1111 17 07/26
True Story..... Empress9 29 07/26
When Is Killing Another Person Acceptable? Kalliope 370 07/26
For Foobard, with my compliments nautigal48 210 07/26
LOSERS sweetie2015 74 07/26
Is there going to be a WORLD WAR III ? Kolohe510 952 07/26
the perfect man/woman...wishing, aren't we ... oncloud9now 24 07/26
Some favorite poems... lovelylotus 212 07/26
More fun questions, cont'd... lovelylotus 213 07/26
Are you in the top 10? sizzlinhot 247 07/25
Pieces of the Heart! KaylaAnn 41 07/25
scam romantic_fanci 316 07/25
Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? Kalliope 750 07/25
Your words of wisdom... lovelylotus 168 07/25
Guys sanacardi 217 07/25
The Bra Zellbell 86 07/24
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