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PARENTS DIEING IN YOUR ARMS,TRUE LOVE!!!! italian8angel 44 08/04
Why do men always offer to show me a "Good ... MsHomebody 201 08/04
What FANTACY'S DO YOU HAVE ABOUT profiles !!!! ... italian8angel 305 08/04
how many people search other COUNTRY'Sie england, ... italian8angel 96 08/04
LADIES::::what kind of men do you like the ... italian8angel 180 08/04
Is it normal for men to come on SEXUALY on ... italian8angel 397 08/04
Would that you could greet yourself... lovelylotus 369 08/04
Not tonight, honey. I have a headache... lovelylotus 211 08/03
Sabotage of a New Relationship xygrlnxtdoor 137 08/03
After making love............ flyrr100 777 08/03
Back to the well syndrome TheDean 106 08/03
is there still any real gentlemen out there??? ... vada80 9 08/03
Mid Life Crises LAKitty 175 08/02
Looking for a Good wife? Good Husband? pretty_cute77 78 08/02
MLS vs CHELSEA in CHICAGO flyrr100 43 08/02
Dear Cybil sharp1 123 08/02
What makes you weird? lovelylotus 1,502 08/02
INFLAMATORY BREAST CANCER (IBC) Something woman ... removed_Alexisara 188 08/01
Need your opinion about honesty. Luanne 314 08/01
What is men looking for on this site? MsTraci 659 08/01
Waiting for the perfect man AsianAmericanIdol 95 08/01
Advice for a male single parent EliteTraveler 356 08/01
Stress relievers? sunny1971 186 08/01
Off, into the sunset I go cmgfilms 153 08/01
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