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A BARAGE OF EMAILS...THEN... MissMarieLora 376 07/24
Emails icedprincess 71 07/24
Real or Fake? MissMonteCarlo 423 07/24
Ever heard of Criss Angel? sunny1971 127 07/23
a rainy day Lionphish37 36 07/23
A one for the guys... MissMonteCarlo 183 07/23
TV Show Information checkers 57 07/23
krazy lil thing called luv filgudlady 33 07/23
We all grow UP! KaylaAnn 19 07/22
question.. Dayla66 171 07/22
Men can be stupid to make things stupider! KaylaAnn 127 07/22
Passionate cmgfilms 40 07/22
Who else is waiting to pay for the site. toosweetkiki 47 07/21
Promise my 1 time intense voice! KaylaAnn 89 07/21
San Diego - Labor Day CDinCO 73 07/21
Questions and THEN there are questions!!! KaylaAnn 130 07/21
What Goes Around, Comes Around? removed_susieinvegas 256 07/21
"Contact the comment owner..." removed_susieinvegas 155 07/21
what every boyfriend dreads to hear nautigal48 151 07/21
Shape and weight down AND cholestrol is up whisperinocean 42 07/21
Boating in a Corn Field ?? Aground in Indian ... CaptainG 252 07/21
My father's wish nautigal48 102 07/20
To my Son Lionphish37 49 07/20
Can you say "blog addict"?? witchyhour 128 07/20
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