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I hate Comcast!!! witchyhour 21 07/31
HANDLING FEAR! KaylaAnn 55 07/31
AFTERLIFE Dinner Party Kalliope 199 07/31
No DRAMA please valentinebeach 300 07/31
Dominican Republic Charity Event september1998 159 07/30
Hi Penny soxfanatic 19 07/30
What is the craziest thing you have ever done ... lovelylotus 436 07/30
How do singles in other cities connect with ... CruisinGecko 64 07/30
What makes a woman intimidating to men? zinnderella 1,101 07/30
Monogamy/polygomy? Kalliope 128 07/30
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Queer? Kalliope 1,037 07/30
legal brothels paris2009 641 07/30
I Am Embarrassed FOR You! READY4UNOW 1,196 07/30
IT'S A NEW AGE... MissMarieLora 112 07/30
Needs a woman's opinion fella TeacherMom2006 30 07/29
Why are YOU here? Some thoughts about MM.. ... malcolmjames 817 07/29
MATERIAL's s5j9a1973 16 07/29
the right one.... oncloud9now 19 07/29
How Awful it Is... scarletibis24 210 07/29
Why Are We Here? sweetie91959 71 07/29
Three Amigos in Lima - Peru ferrariduck2006 234 07/28
no posted photo...next!!!! oncloud9now 130 07/28
And you thought YOU'D had some bad Internet ... AsianAmericanIdol 145 07/28
talking to you gottofindagreatone 140 07/28
Storms of life Lionphish37 48 07/28
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