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Relocating For Love? oilman30 319 08/05
Need Advice - Songs that SUCK guitargirl40 215 08/05
Old Money vs. Nouveau Riche CDinCO 206 08/05
It could happen to you... CDinCO 112 08/05
The question nobody likes to ask... CDinCO 599 08/05
Womens! Get financially indepenent! Honestly ... NorCalLady 105 08/05
When life hands you lemons... lovelylotus 248 08/05
Ladies, why so High? oilman30 494 08/04
LADIES THIS IS FOR YOU TO KNOW -- BUT MEN NEED ... enchantedeveshoo 133 08/04
gentelmen_education and wealth or body and ... italian8angel 88 08/04
what I have learned from internet dating ... italian8angel 89 08/04
my MOM how is a woman of wisdom wants to KNOW ... italian8angel 204 08/04
Is any one trying to find me? lifeisgood2day 36 08/04
GIGOLO,S Are out there !! Ladies beware !! ... italian8angel 122 08/04
THE ALPHA MALE italian8angel 118 08/04
Why are there so many hangups? Goldtouchgirl 18 08/04
PARENTS DIEING IN YOUR ARMS,TRUE LOVE!!!! italian8angel 44 08/04
Why do men always offer to show me a "Good ... MsHomebody 201 08/04
What FANTACY'S DO YOU HAVE ABOUT profiles !!!! ... italian8angel 304 08/04
how many people search other COUNTRY'Sie england, ... italian8angel 96 08/04
LADIES::::what kind of men do you like the ... italian8angel 180 08/04
Is it normal for men to come on SEXUALY on ... italian8angel 396 08/04
Would that you could greet yourself... lovelylotus 369 08/04
Not tonight, honey. I have a headache... lovelylotus 211 08/03
Sabotage of a New Relationship xygrlnxtdoor 137 08/03
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