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Things that suprise me bewitchingsiren 49 08/14
Here comes the bride (or groom)... lovelylotus 323 08/14
white water 1HotRedHead 40 08/14
Just want to be loved!!! BrookieBluEyez1 21 08/14
Personal Nurse kayelee 34 08/14
my hair september1998 274 08/14
Houses and Spirits guitargirl40 39 08/14
LADIES...15 things your mother didn't warn ... CDinCO 60 08/14
Semantics CDinCO 23 08/14
Discovering an Illness CDinCO 211 08/14
The Conundrum, Thus Far Unanswered CDinCO 137 08/14
Woman Problems, It all makes sense. last_romantic 211 08/14
Scam Brownies 234 08/14
Older women rule ANGEL55 22 08/14
ENGLISH MEN georgewashingto 214 08/14
WHAT AM I DOING WRONG removed_bigpassion27576 24 08/14
Fun questions, part IV lovelylotus 96 08/13
Over 50 - Put out to Pasture? Querida2006 280 08/13
am i a football player YES/NO Luevell 121 08/13
What a girl wants. bewitchingsiren 19 08/13
Best Pick Up Lines EliteTraveler 358 08/13
Things that make you go hmmm AprilAngel987 126 08/13
men lie about age:women lie about weight simplelife34 86 08/13
Old listings Fiesty05 41 08/13
Just call me lobster... lovelylotus 125 08/13
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